Why Should Healthcare Workers Migrate to Australia?

Why Should Healthcare Workers Migrate to Australia?

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Australia is currently facing a massive shortage of skills and labour in the healthcare sector. Owing to this reason, their government recently announced an increase in their intake capacity of permanent immigrants by 35,000, focusing more on nursing, creating an excellent opportunity to pursue your nursing career abroad!

If You Are a Nursing Student or a Recent Graduate, Here’s Why You Should Migrate to Australia:

  • There are nearly 30,000 new nursing job openings every year, with consistent growth in the sector
  • The Australian healthcare system employs the highest number of people in the country
  • The earnings of nursing professionals fall in the top 20% of highest earnings of all Australian workers
  • You can be eligible for an Australian PR after meeting certain criteria
  • Enjoy a flexible career that allows you to move anywhere in the world
  • Get to balance your work-life situation with a better standard of living with the option to migrate your family members

What is the Healthcare Worker – Training and Employment Program in Australia?

The Healthcare Worker – Training and Employment Program is a unique bridging program that offers Indian nursing students and recent graduates a chance to enter Australia as a trainee support nurse. Designed to be askill enhancement program, it provides an opportunity for nursing aspirants to work full-time while studying to get the necessary certification to be a registered nurse within their healthcare system.

Highlights of the Program

  1. Enhance your nursing skills while in India and get a job worth AUD 4000/month (Rs. 2.25Lakh/month)
  2. Guaranteed full-time job placement with a date of joining before landing in Australia
  3. Get an Australian nursing diploma with international standard skill enhancement
  4. An easy pathway to Australian PR (6 years) under employer-sponsored provincial nomination
  5. Earnings from the employment will easily surpass the cost incurred during the course

What are the Requirements of the Program?

  1. Complete 3-4 months of study in India, where all the theory modules will be covered firstin order to:
    • Receive a statement of attainment and letter of invitation from Educare College to use for your training visa application
    • Procure Certificate III in individual support (ageing)

      CHC33015 Certificate III is an Australian healthcare training program combining theory and practice with you being an employee of an Australian age-care company and a vocational college student at the same time.
  1. Meet the minimum IELTS score requirement of CLB level 6/5.5 in each module
  1. Attain Certificate IV while studying and working in Australia

    CHC43015 Certificate IV will enable you to complete specialised tasks and functions in aged services, either in residential, home or community-based environments.

Process & Timeline of the Program

The process to migrate to Australia as a nurse is a straightforward one. Anyone who meets the requirements can immediately begin their migration journey:

  1. Register
    The first step is to get yourself registered withthe program. It usually takes about one month to complete the registration.
  2. Interview with the Employer
    Once you have registered, you get to interview with the employer, a well-knownhealthcare centre looking for skilled professionals. Post the interview, you get a confirmation of employment and enrolment in a nursing course. This step takes about 6-8 months in total.
  3. Get Certified
    Begin your theoretical and practical training in India to get your Certificate III,which will allow you to work in Australia. The training program along with the procurement of the Certificate takes about 5-6 months.
  4. Acquire Your Visa and Move to Australia
    Once you have attained your Certificate III, you can use it to apply for your Training Visa and move to Australia within a month.
  5. Start Working
    You can start working on your Training Visa (40 hrs/week) as soon as you land in Australia and simultaneously study online to obtain your Certificate IV. After completing 12 months in Australia, you get to work full-time on your Training Visa-407.
  6. Employer Sponsored Visa
    Two years post working on your full-time Training Visa,you will be eligible to work full-time on an employer-sponsored visa-482 TSS.
  7. Apply for PR
    You are eligible to apply for a PR in Australia after working for two more years on your employer sponsored visa. Get your PR confirmed through SC190- employer sponsored state nomination and you are all set to be a permanent resident of Australia!

Key Takeaways

If you’re a nursing student or a recent graduate (ANM/GNM/B.Sc. Nursing) with under a year of experience,Nysa Global along with its eminent partners (Educare, Inlead and Mygration Australia) offers theHealthcare Worker – Training and Employment Program, which will enable you to earn while you study to become a registered nurse in Australia and get a guaranteed full-time job before you land and become eligible for an Australian PR in 6 years!

Right from your training in India, getting your visa, living in Australia to getting your PR, Nysa Global and its strong network of partners offers assistance every step of the way to elevate your career and make your transition a seamless one.

Want to migrate to Australia to pursue your career as a nurse but not sure where to begin?

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