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Global Investment Immigration Webinar Series

27 Countries Multiple Investment Immigration Programs

Wednesday, 22nd July 2020 @ 3PM


Global Summits, Webinars & Workshops

Nysa has been creating/designing and presenting global summits, webinars and mini meetings where leading industry specialists compare and explore emerging opportunities, explain the nuances of the programs & process to and answer the real questions of people looking to migrate through investing and/or expand their professional/business footprint in developed countries – from startups to multi-million enterprises.

So, if simply want to understand student visa’s for your children as they go to study abroad, learn about colleges and programs OR learn how investment immigration could be a future for you OR learn how your startup or business can expand abroad, register for invitations or tune in or contact us for an appointment with our advisors.

Deep Dive!!

WPrograms – challenges & planning; Risk & risk management; expanding your professional & business footprint

“Is there a market? Introducing investment immigration to India.”

Wow!! 700+ registrations, 500+ attendees, – Yes there is!!

Learn All About EB5 Visa Programme

Become an EU Citizen by investing in Property.

EB5 Mistakes Not to Make!


Nysa Global is pleased to present a series of intensive half-day sessions designed for those interested in specific investment immigration topics or keeping abreast of recent trends in the industry. Conducted by global immigration and investment professionals and limited to groups of 20 or less, Nysa workshops will provide in-depth perspective on subjects such as international new business start-up programs, government subsidies and grants, country specific investor immigration processes, and the latest regulatory changes.

Not Sure Where to Begin? Let Experts at Nysa Global Help You.

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