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UK – Representative of Overseas Business (ROOB Visa)

What is the ROOB Visa?

The ROOB or Representative of Overseas Visa is suitable for you if you plan to set up your own auxiliary or register a UK branch for your overseas parent organization. The sole representative visa can also be suitable for you if you have been posted as an abroad worker for a drawn-out task in the UK.

A significant thought here is that the sole rep should be selected by an overseas organization with its chief business environment being outside the UK.

Benefits of the ROOB Visa

No additional visa required for your dependent who can seek employment or own a business or study

Relaxed residence requirements for entire family wherein you, the main applicant, has to stay for 185 days in the UK every 12 months over 5 years

It grants visa-free travel within the whole Common Travel Area, i.e., Ireland, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey

Program Highlights

  • Fast processing time of 3-12 weeks
  • The most cost-efficient option of moving to the UK since it does not carry a set minimum investment amount
  • The easy application process allows you to do away with renting an office for your business, or prove the creation of additional jobs in the UK, or demonstrate turnover or performance figures

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ROOB Visa Guidance

Everything you need to know about the ROOB Visa, from eligibility factors, application process to timeline associated and much more.

Requirements for the ROOB Visa

Foreign Company – Visa Sponsor:

  • Must not already have any representative, branch or subsidiary in the UK
  • Will have to send a senior employee to establish a UK branch or wholly-owned subsidiary of the parent company working in the same business type
  • Must grant you, as the applicant, the authority to make all operational decisions on its behalf

UK Business Plan:

  • Must carry out the same type of business as the overseas company
  • Must be equipped with credible research for setting up the UK branch with relevant market data, budget allocation and a genuine expansion opportunity


  • Must be currently working overseas for the foreign company who intends to set up a branch in the UK
  • Must have a proven track record either in the same or a closely related field of work
  • Can only work for the company being established on behalf of the parent business when in the UK
  • Must demonstrate basic English language ability and meet the minimum maintenance requirement
  • Cannot be a majority shareholder i.e. own 50% or above of the parent company

Documentation Required

  • Your passport and other travel documents
  • Evidence, including bank statements, proving that you can support yourself and your dependents
  • Details of your accommodation in the UK
  • Proof of your knowledge of English
  • Your tuberculosis test results (if required)
  • A complete summary of your parent organisation, its aim, assets and liabilities, and other accounts
  • A letter confirming the company’s intention to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary or branch office in the UK
  • Your job description, salary, and the proof that you can make independent decisions on your company’s behalf
  • Proof that you are an employee of the company
  • Proof you are employed outside the UK and will be working solely for the same organisation
  • Proof of a comprehensive business plan

Visa Process

Visa Timeline

  • The Home Office takes around 4-6 weeks to process a Sole Representative UK visa application.
  • You can apply 3 months before you travel, at the earliest.

Cost Details

The ROOB visa costs £610 when applied from outside the UK. The overseas business does not need to show any strong financial standings to make a Sole Rep Visa application for any of their senior employees, nor does the sole rep need to offer any financial resource for the establishment of the UK branch during their application.
Path to Settlement & Citizenship:
The ROOB visa will allow you to stay in the UK for an initial 3 year period which can then be extended for another 2 years. After living in the UK for 5 years, you can apply for permission to settle permanently upon fulfilling the following conditions:
  • Continuous residence in the UK for 5 years under the Sole Rep Visa
  • No history of claiming any benefits in the form of public funds while in the UK
  • Evidence of continuous employment throughout the period in the form of P60s ad payslips
  • The headquarter of the company is still based overseas
  • Established and generated business in the branch or wholly-owned subsidiary in the UK
  • Your employer can certify that they need you for the job and you receive the appropriate salary for it
Path to Passport:
  • Children under 18 at initial approval are eligible for a passport even if they are beyond 18 by the time
  • No more than 180 days spent outside the UK in any 12 months during the past 5 years by the main applicant
  • If the main applicant meets the residency requirements, the dependent spouse and children will get ILR (Independent Leave to Remain or Permanent Residency) automatically
  • ILR is for 2 years
  • You must visit the UK once every 2 years to maintain the ILR
  • You can apply for a British passport after a year of ILR but you must not spend any less than 275 days in the UK in any 12 months during the preceding 5 years

Why Choose Nysa Global as Your Immigration Advisor?

  • Expertise and experience: The program adjudication is subjective and there are fine nuances for qualification, maintenance and renewal. Our teams have a deep understanding of the program and are very strongly positioned to make this work for you.
  • Comprehensive package: Nysa offers complete assistance as needed for the 5 years of the visa till the application of the Indefinite Leave to Remain (or Permanent Residency).
  • Related services: Includes but not limited to education, property, tax, compliances consulting.

Business migration is an excellent approach for clients looking to settle in the UK with a full support mechanism for the 5-year visa period. The program offers extraordinary flexibility to set up a valid business and our teams will work with you to structure, process, secure and grow the business in the UK.


What Our Clients Say


There is no requirement of proof of funds to be provided from the foreign parent company, but the foreign company must be ready to provide audited financial accounts for the previous year to show its credibility and financial stability.

The rule says: not the majority shareholder. For example, in practice, below 50% between husband and wife is okay but the couple should not be the largest shareholder.
If the couple is the largest shareholder, then holding should be 30-35% OR if there is another shareholder who holds a larger share than them, then any amount of shareholding is okay. E.g. If a couple has 49% and another shareholder is 51%, then it will work.

There is no stipulated requirement as such.  Each application will be reviewed by the UK Home Office on a case-by-case basis. But the company needs to demonstrate a reasonable and well-grounded necessity to expand and run a business overseas to attract more revenues and customers. If, for example, the parent business is a corner shop or a tea/coffee place then it would be hard to justify the need for a ROOB. If that company is a tourist agency, hotel chain (even small) or property developers or a law firm, then it would make more sense to the Home Office.

The company has to remain the same throughout the qualifying 5-year period. Should the company cease to exist, the visa would no longer be valid and the ROOB visa holder would need to seek alternative solutions and start from scratch in the UK.

No. Only one ROOB per foreign company. If the company wishes to bring 2 representatives, you cannot treat both as sole representatives. One may be admitted, and then later apply as a sponsor to allow the other employee to apply under Tier 2 (work permit) of the points-based system.


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