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Citizenship by Investment

What is Citizenship by Investment?

Citizenship by Investment is a fast-track citizenship program offered by a few countries where you can acquire a secondary citizenship by making a significant investment or contribution to the economy of the host country.

Benefits of Citizenship by Investment Programs

Here are a few reasons why you should consider pursuing Citizenship by Investment:

Dual citizen status

Better education for children

Better quality of life

Mobility and visa-free travel freedom

Safety, privacy and protection from war or political unrest

Tax planning on worldwide income

Ease of doing business

Ability to own real estate in international markets

Options Available Under Citizenship by Investment Programs

There are a number of investment options available under Citizenship by Investment programs. The following are the most significant ones:

  • Contribution to government funds: Some governments offer citizenship in exchange for a donation. You can secure citizenship by donating a significant sum to a government fund.
  • Government-approved real estate investments: The real estate investment option for Citizenship by Investment requires you to make a large purchase of the local real estate. Many countries allow you to rent or resell when you become a citizen.
  • Government-approved business/enterprise investments: This investment option allows you to acquire citizenship after investing in various local businesses. It gives you access to various industries that can potentially generate decent ROI.
  • Bank deposit: Citizenship is offered to you after depositing a substantial amount of money with local banks and financial advisory firms.

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Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIPs) Offered by Nysa Global

St Lucia

To become a citizen of St Lucia, you need to contribute $100,000 or make a real estate investment of $300,000. There are no residence requirements and you do not have to visit St Lucia before applying for the St Lucian passport.


To become a citizen of Montenegro, you need to invest €250,000 in real estate and also donate €100,000 to the government as application fees. You can then become a permanent resident within a month and attain citizenship within 6 months.


To qualify for Turkish citizenship, you need to make a $500,000 enterprise investment in Turkey or buy $250,000 worth of real estate or invest $500,000 in bank deposits or government bonds.


To become a Maltese citizen, you are required to make a non-refundable contribution of €600,000 to the government after 3 years of living. You can also choose to pay €750,000 to government and reduce the 3 years residency criteria to just one year.


To qualify for a Dominican citizenship, you need to contribute $100,000 or make a $200,000 investment in real estate. You do not need to visit the country nor live there before applying for citizenship.


To qualify for a Cypriot citizenship, you need to invest €2,200,000 in bonds, real estate, or enterprise projects. You have to visit the country and stay there for 6 months before applying for a Cypriot passport.


To become a Grenadian citizen, you don’t have to visit Grenada or live there. But, you have to make a contribution of $150,000 or a real estate investment of $350,000. The Grenada passport is processed within 2 months.

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