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Skilled Immigration

What is Skilled Immigration?

Skilled immigration enables countries to welcome foreign nationals with specific skills and experience to work as expats. Skilled immigration programs are created to respond to countries’ labour market conditions and fill the gaps between economic changes and the employment arena.

Countries offer work visas and permanent residency to fulfil specific demands of skills and experience that they may be short of.

How can skilled migration lead to permanent residency?

Immigrants with a skilled worker visa are required to work in a country for a certain time period, which varies from country to country, before they can apply for a permanent residency visa. Moreover, the immigrant must meet different requirements, including language, minimum salary, and work experience.

There are several other programs that allow skilled workers to apply for permanent residence directly based on their skills, qualification, work experience, minimum pay and the ability to contribute to the country’s economy.

Benefits of Skilled Immigration Programs

If you opt for skilled migration, you can get access to several perks and benefits, such as:

Better work opportunities & higher pay

Improved standard of living

Available citizenship for blood relations post permanent residency status

Opportunity to become a permanent resident

Better healthcare options

High education standards for yourself and dependents post permanent residency status

How do Countries that Offer Skilled Migration Programs Benefit from them?

Whenever the economy of a country changes, the effects on the employment arena or labour market are seen after some time. When the economy starts to grow relatively fast, this time lag causes skill shortage, which arises since training and education systems cannot immediately respond to the new demands in the employment market and offer skilled workers to fulfil those demands. Therefore, countries welcome skilled workers by offering them work visas or employment visas, which may or may not translate to permanent residency based on the immigration programs available for these skilled foreign nationals.

The other global factors that influence the acceptance of skilled migrants can be:

  • Severe labour market shortages
  • Baby boomers retiring in high numbers
  • An ageing workforce

In several countries, companies struggle to fill lower and mid-level job positions, which is why they depend on skilled migrants and flexible workers who may be interested in gig work, temporary labour, independent contracting, etc. Skilled immigrant programs enable these countries to tackle such shortages and grow their economy.

Skilled Immigration Programs Offered by Nysa Global

Critical Skills Employment Permit – Ireland’s Critical Skills Employment Permit is based on a job offer of at least €64,000 per year from a native company. The minimum pay is €32,000 per year if the position is listed in the Highly Skilled Occupations List of Ireland.

Nysa also offers job placement services to Ireland for selective industries/sectors.

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  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) – PNP enables territories and provinces to support the immigration of foreign nationals who express an interest in settling in these territories and provinces.
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  • Express Entry – The Express Entry program allows skilled workers to move to Canada and get a permanent residency ticket. The Express Entry processing time for skilled workers is six months or less.Know More
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) – Canada’s flagship immigration program, the Federal Skilled Worker Program (also termed as the Federal Skilled Worker Class program), enables the country to welcome thousands of skilled immigrants based on their potential to become established in the Canadian workforce.
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  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) – The Federal Skilled Trades Program is for foreign nationals with specific skills who wish to become permanent residents of Canada based on their skill in a particular trade.Know More

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