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Malta-Citizenship by Investment

What’s So Attractive about Malta & Its Citizenship Program?

Located in the heart of the Mediterranean, the Maltese Islands promise a taste of diverse culture, fascinating historical significance and picturesque attractions.
The ‘Maltese Citizenship by Exceptional Services’ was launched in 2020 as an amendment to the Maltese Citizenship Act. It provides citizenship to affluent people of impeccable standing and reputation based on contribution and investment in Malta. The current program, MEIN (Malta Citizenship by Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment process) replaced the previous Malta Individual Investor Program in November 2020.

Benefits of a Maltese Citizenship

A Maltese citizenship is in demand because of these reasons:

You will be able to travel to 182 other countries visa-free or exercise visa on arrival, including the Schengen area, Canada, the US, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Thanks to its double tax treaty, you may not have to pay taxes in the country you are currently a citizen of.

It has a fully developed open market economy.

Dual citizenship is recognised in Malta.

You will be able to travel, work and settle in any of the 27 EU member states, including Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland, and Switzerland.

You will benefit from its healthcare system and its top-notch educational system.

As a citizen of Malta, you will get access to the consular services of any other Commonwealth country worldwide.

Nysa Global’s Citizenship by Investment Program for Malta

Here are the program highlights of the investment program for Malta:
  • The paperwork needed is relatively lesser compared to other countries.
  • You will receive a fast-track residence card within 3 weeks – you can travel visa-free within the Schengen area until citizenship is issued.
  • Dependants allowed in the application include your spouse, unmarried and financially dependent children below 27 years and dependent parents over 55 years.
  • You will also get EU citizenship and a Commonwealth of Nations citizenship.
  • There are no special language requirements.
  • The citizenship granted under the program is irrevocable, life-long, and inheritable.

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Malta Citizenship by Investment Program Guidance

Everything you need to know about the Malta Citizenship by Investment Program, from eligibility factors, application process to timeline associated and much more.

To Qualify for Citizenship as the Main Applicant, you Should Fulfil These Pre-Requisites:
  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must make a non-refundable contribution to the National Development and Social Fund and meet certain other financial requirements.
The Malta program includes ALL three financial requirements below:

1. A contribution to the Malta National Development and Social Fund

This consists of a non-refundable contribution with this breakup:

  • Contribution of €600,000 to the National Development and Social Fund or €750,000 depending on the residence status length (36 months or 12 months, respectively)
2. Make a real estate investment
You need to lease a residential property that costs a minimum of €16,000 per year for 5 years or purchase a property for a minimum of €700,000, which must remain with you for the next 5 years.
3. Make a philanthropic contribution
You will also need to make a philanthropic contribution of €10,000 to a registered sport, cultural, scientific, philanthropic, animal welfare, or artistic non-governmental organisation or society as approved by the Community Malta Agency.

Application Process

Here is the step by step procedure to acquire a Maltese citizenship:
  • Step 1: Submit your application for a residency permit and undergo a due diligence check.
  • Step 2: Visit Malta to collect your biometric data
  • Step 3: Submit the citizenship eligibility application within 12 months of receiving your residency permit
  • Step 4: The Minister of Citizenship will go through your application.If you choose to apply for your citizenship after a year, you need to confirm that there has been no change in personal circumstances, including your health.If you are submitting your application after 3 years, you need to confirm your permanent address of residence and update the police clearance certificate. All the other documents must be updated as well.
  • Step 5: You will receive a Letter of Approval in Principle, upon which you need to pay the extra fees.
  • Step 6: The Minister will approve your application officially and grant you citizenship.
  • Step 7: You have 4 months from the date of written approval by the Minister to fulfil the investment requirements and establish a link with Malta.

Visa Timeline

  • The processing time to get a Maltese citizenship takes around 1 -3 years depending on the route (1 year or 3 years) chosen.

Costs/Expenditure Besides Nysa’s fees:

Due diligence fees: You need to pay a fee to the government who appoints a preferred due diligence agency for the compulsory background checks you need to undergo. These fees are payable upon the submission of the application. The charges are as follows:
  • The cost for the main applicant is €7500.
  • The cost for the spouse is €5000.
  • The cost for the dependent child aged 13-17 is €3000.
  • Dependents aged 18-24 or 56 and above will have to pay €5000 per applicant.
  • You will need to pay an additional €1000 per person for an additional residency card.
  • You will also be charged an additional passport application fee of €500 per person and bank charges of €200 per application.
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Other Programs Offered by Malta

Malta Permanent Residency Program (MPRP)

This program is only open to non-EU nationals. You will have to submit proof of income or wealth to demonstrate that you will be able to maintain yourself and your family in the time you are there.You will also have to show evidence of a clean police record — as an applicant, you and your family members must pass a strict four-tier due diligence test.
You also have to provide evidence that you have €350,000 in capital and €150,000 in financial assets.

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You don’t need to move to Malta or live in Malta to satisfy the residency requirement. Instead, you can visit Malta a few times every year to show water and electricity bills, or establish a business there to meet the requirement. Our experts can help understand the Malta citizenship requirements better.
Your Maltese citizenship can only be revoked if you do not follow through with all the requirements for the Maltese Citizenship by Exceptional Services program.
For Malta, a due diligence process entails detailed background verification checks to determine if candidates are of good repute and that all funds have been derived from legal means.
You are only required to make a monetary contribution to the National Development and Social Fund after you have passed the eligibility and due diligence stage and have been approved for getting citizenship in principle.
For Malta citizenship by investment, you, as the principal applicant and all your dependents, need a valid comprehensive health insurance policy that covers all medical expenses worldwide up to at least €30,000 per family member. This medical insurance policy must be held until you are issued citizenship.


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