What is the
Tier I Investor Visa?

The Tier 1 visa in the UK, also known as the Investor Visa, offers a premier route to permanent residency for high net-worth applicants. This investment visa allows you to make a substantial financial investment in the UK, followed by a temporary residence status leading to permanent residency. Once you fulfil all the visa requirements, you can even expect citizenship status for yourself and your immediate family members, including spouse and children who are under 18 years.

The Tier 1 UK Investor visa comes with the most minimal application processing time for UK immigration, fairly objective entry criteria, and a predictable outcome.

Benefits of the Tier I Investor Visa

Straightforward UK immigration plan with 100% return on invested funds

No need for a business or individual maintenance establishment

Residence rights for you and your immediate family

The right to work, live or study in the UK

Freedom of movement i.e. visa-free travel within the Common Travel Area including the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey

Program Highlights

  • Investment of minimum £2 million in the UK
  • The English language is not a requirement for 5 years initially
  • Exceptionally fast processing with approval in 3 weeks or 24 hours under Super Priority Service
  • Recoverable corporate bonds and equities investments following a 5-year holding period
  • Compliance with UK residence requirements to qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • Accelerated permanent residence allowed with an increase in investment to achieve Indefinite Leave to Remain in 2-3 years instead of the standard 5 years

ROOB Visa Guidance

Everything you need to know about the ROOB visa, from eligibility factors, application process to timeline associated and much more.


  • As an applicant, you must showcase money amounting to at least £2 million.
  • During application, your money can either be in the UK or overseas.
  • You must prove that the invested money belongs to you or your husband, wife, unmarried or same-sex partner.
  • You must invest in corporate bonds, share capital or loan capital in active and trading UK-registered companies for 5 years. Offshore company investments are not permitted.
  • As an investor, you must spend at least 50% time in the UK to qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain.
  • You should use an open account with a UK regulated bank for your funds.
  • Your funds must be disposable in the UK and held in regulated financial institutions.


  • Current passport and/or other travel documents
  • Passport photograph
  • Clear tuberculosis (TB) test result letter, if you reside in one of the countries on the Home Office’s TB testing list
  • A criminal record certificate from the country you have been living in for over a year
  • For the investment of your own money (at least £2 million) in the UK:
    • Evidence of the amount of money you have
    • Evidence of where the money is being held
    • Proof of holding the money for 3 months and moreover, proof of how you obtained it
    • Proof that the money is available for disposal in the UK
  • For the investment of your partner’s money (at least £2 million) in the UK:
    • Proof of marriage or a civil partnership or proof that you have been in a relationship for over 2 years
    • A statement of your partner’s permission for you to invest
    • A solicitor’s statement that your partner’s permission is legally valid

Cost & Expenditure

You will have to pay an additional £1,623 for the application of the UK Tier-I Investor visa, besides the investment amount. The fee remains the same if you are extending a visa, switching visa or applying as a family member.

Visa Process

  • Consultation and assessment of personal circumstances to help you through the UK Tier 1 investor visa process.
  • Application processing takes 3-6 weeks.
  • Within 3 months of your ‘Investor start date’, the date of arrival in the UK, or the approval date of the visa category change, you will invest the £2 million.
  • Upon the expiration of your 3-year visa, you and your dependents must apply for an extension of stay from within the UK and the Home Office will issue a 2-year extension
  • You are eligible for the ILR once you complete 5 years of residence in the UK.
  • After a year of getting the ILR, you can apply for British citizenship, if you have not spent over 450 days outside the UK in the last 5 years and less than 90 days in 12 months before citizenship application.

Requirements for ILR application:

  • No criminal record
  • Maintain £2 million investment over five years
  • You or your spouse should meet the residential requirement of 185 days each year in the UK
  • You must pass the Life in the UK test
  • You must pass the English language test

Requirements for British Citizenship and Passport:

  • Hold a 12-month-old ILR
  • Your absence from the UK should be less than 450 days in the past 5 years
  • Pass the Life in the UK test
  • Pass the English language test
  • You must be present in the UK during the application
  • No criminal record
  • You must show 2 British citizens as your references


UK Tier 1 Investor Visa Application Timeline

Stage 1


We assess your personal circumstances and partner with you from the beginning to the end of the Tier 1 Investor Visa journey

Stage 2


We will prepare and submit on your behalf all supporting documents in compliance with UK immigration rules and submit your application. Average processing time is 4-6 weeks

Stage 3


Full sum of £2 million is invested within three months of the investor start date - the date of arrival in the UK or the approval date of a visa category change if you are switching to the Investor visa from another category

Stage 4


Once your initial three-year visa expires, you and your dependents must apply for an "extension of stay" from within the UK and the Home Office will issue you with a two-year extension if all relevant criteria are met

Stage 5

Application for ILR

Upon completion of five years of continuous residence in UK, you and your dependent family members may be eligible to apply for permanent residency, or Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR)

Stage 6

Passport Application

One year after ILR is granted, you may be eligible to apply for British citizenship. To be eligible, applicants should not have spent over 450 days outside UK in the five-year period and no more than 90 days during the 12 months prior to citizenship application

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Fast Track Route to British Citizenship:

With an investment of £2 million, you are eligible for a settlement (ILR) in 5 years and permanent citizenship after 6 years.

Alternatively, a higher amount of investment can resulted in accelerated settlement (ILR) in 3 and 2 years respectively:

Investment levels
£ 2,000,000 – Eligible to apply for ILR after 5 years in the UK
£ 5,000,000 – Eligible to apply for ILR after 3 years in the UK
£ 10,000,000 – Eligible to apply for ILR after 2 years in the UK

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