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Immigration To Australia

Why Should You Immigrate to Australia?

Australia is an attractive 21st-century immigration destination. With its high availability of natural resources and rapidly evolving economy, Australia boasts of great job and business opportunities. Additionally, Australia is home to a variety of ecosystems and has the lowest air pollution levels in the world. 

A great work-life balance, surprisingly affordable high standard of living, low population level, lots of fresh air, pleasant weather, beautiful beaches, great job opportunities and a dynamic economy – Australia truly offers everything a migrant can ask for.

Benefits of Immigrating to Australia

With a strong economy, high living standard, healthy lifestyle and beautiful landscaping, many people have realised the benefits of immigrating to Australia in comparison to other countries. That explains its high immigration rate. The benefits include:

Great job opportunities for skilled workers

Access to a government-run health insurance scheme called 'Medicare' that provides free treatment and medicines at discounted rates

Flexibility and freedom to work in any profession with any employer anywhere in Australia

Beautiful natural landscaping and pleasant weather

Flexibility to obtain unlimited temporary entry visas

High-quality living standards, much affordable compared to other similar nations

Rich cultural diversity that reflects in their food, art, films and other activities

What Are the Visas for Australia?

The Australian immigration department offers the opportunity to skilled and talented people to work or settle in the country. You can also work there or study in Australia, or simply choose to visit. Your visa options include:

Skilled Immigration

Under the Skillselect program, skilled workers can apply to get a permanent Australia visa with the help of their qualifications, work experience and language ability.

Business & Investment Immigration

People looking to establish a business or purchase a business can consider business migration to Australia as a business owner or investor.

Temporary Work Visa

Australian temporary work visas such as the 482 work visa and working holidaymaker subclass 417 visa allow you to do short-term, highly specialised work in Australia.

Student Visa

International students wishing to take advantage of the high level of education offered in Australia can apply for a student visa.

Family Visa

Individuals who are planning to get married, are in a committed relationship or are already married to an Australian citizen or permanent resident can apply for a family visa.

Visitor Visa

Nationals of many other countries wishing to visit Australia for business or as tourists can apply.

If you’re planning to move to Australia, let Nysa Global help you figure out your options.

Programs Offered by Nysa Global

Business Migration

If you are looking to establish a business or to purchase a business, consider business migration to Australia as a business owner. Two business migratrion visa streams include:

  • Business Innovation Visa (SC188A)
    The provisional Business Innovation Visa is designed for successful business owners and innovators who wish to open a business in Australia and contribute to its economy. To apply for a business migration visa, you need to be a business owner up to the age of 55 with experience of at least 2 years in business management and ownership with interest to own a new or existing business in Australia and participate actively at a senior management position.
  • Business Entrepreneur Visa (SC188E)
    The Business Entrepreneur Visa is for early stage entrepreneurs or people wanting to establish a startup in Australia and who have already received a funding agreement for a minimum amount of 200,000 AUD from a third party. However, Australian State or Government agency have to endorse their business concepts to be developed in Australia.

Investment Migration

Australia investment migration program allows you to invest in complying Australian investments and various other qualified funds. Investment options include property, business ownership, stocks, cash, and other assets. By investing, you obtain the residency status for you and your family members. Different streams for investment migration visas include:

  • Investment Visa (SC188B)
    The provisional Business Investment Visa is awarded to successful business investors with a proven history of business or investment experience for specified periods of time. You need to invest at least 2.5 million AUD in complying investments held for the duration of the provisional visa. This temporary or provisional visa is points tested. You are allocated higher points if you can provide substantial supporting evidence that can demonstrate years of investment management, high turnover, and asset value. You may be required to get your financials audited by an external and reputable auditor to support your claim on the points.
  • Significant Investment Visa (SC188C)
    This stream does not have an age limit, English requirement nor it is point-tested. However, you need to satisfy the significant investment requirements of investing at least AUD $5M in complying Australian investment and maintaining an active investment or business activity in Australia. Additionally, for this visa stream, you need to be nominated by a State or Territory government.
  • Premium Investment Visa (SC188D)
    This visa is for investors who are able to invest at least AUD $15 million in a “premium investment” in Australia. It’s suitable for investors who can maintain a business activity and active investment in Australia.

Global Talent Visa (Suspended Until 2023)

The Global Talent Visa is created to help Australia’s innovation and tech economies to grow and create opportunities for Australians through skills transfer, innovation and job creation. If you have an internationally recognised record of exceptional and outstanding achievement in an eligible field, this permanent visa will allow you to stay in Australia indefinitely and contribute to Australia in your field of expertise. If you are talented and under 18 years, you can include your parents and your siblings between the ages of 18 to 23, who are still dependent on your parents. However, there are two pathways within the Global Talent visa:

  • The Global Talent Visa program: This program is for people with skills in priority sectors with a special invitation from Australia Global Talent taskforce officers.
  • The Distinguished Talent program: This program is for people with skills in other sectors but does not need an expression of interest (EOI) or an invitation by the Global Talent taskforce.

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