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Residency by Investment

What Is Residency by Investment?

A residency by investment program requires a foreign national to make investments in the desired country to obtain residence there. After living there for a specific number of years, the immigrant can apply for permanent residence.
Residency by investment runs parallel to citizenship by investment. However, it requires a foreign national to have a permanent residence card for a certain amount of time before they are eligible for citizenship.
What is Temporary and Permanent Residency?
With a temporary residence permit, a foreign national can live in a country for a specified (limited) time duration to work or study through a specific kind of visa.
After a period of legal and continuous residence in the country and fulfilling certain conditions, foreign nationals, depending on the kind of visa, can qualify for a permanent residence permit.

With a permanent residence permit, foreign nationals get almost the same rights as someone who is a citizen. One way of getting a permanent residency card is through residency by investment programs.

Benefits of Residency by Investment Programs

Citizenship for You & Your Family

As a foreign national investor, you can get citizenship, which may also make you eligible to sponsor your blood relatives (family sponsorship schemes)

Quality of Life

People with permanent residence are eligible for world-class healthcare and education, enjoy economic stability and personal security

Worldwide Mobility

Many countries offer visa-free access to permanent residents of certain countries. It is also easier for permanent residents of the top countries to get long term travel and business visas to countries that require visas

Businesses Opportunities

Countries with residence by investment program offer large markets, developed world economic conditions and opportunities, competitive business operating costs as well as tax and financial incentives

Benefits for Countries Offering Residency by Investment Programs

Besides the applicant who benefits from the Residency by Investment programs, countries who offer these programs also benefit from immigrants who invest in their economy:

Creates local jobs

Enhances tax revenue

Boosts their economy

Attracts new talent & investors

Let our experts at Nysa Global help you navigate through various Residency by Investment programs.

Residency by Investment
Programs Offered by Nysa Global


  • EB-5 – The EB-5 investor visa allows the investor to be eligible for citizenship after fulfilling a certain set of requirements and providing the relevant documentation.
  • E-2 – The E-2 investor visa program, also known as the ‘Treaty Investor’ visa program, allows nationals of any of the 30+ countries that have trade treaties with the United States to apply for a non-immigrant visa. The purpose may be setting up a business, office or facility in the United States.
  • L-1 – L-1 is a non-immigrant visa program available for foreign nationals who wish to work at a US-based company, branch, affiliate or subsidiary of their current employer of 1 or more years. They can apply for the position of a manager, executive or a position that requires specialised knowledge.
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  • Golden Visa – Only non-EU nationals who invest a considerable sum in Portugal are eligible for the Golden visa. For example, they may make a direct capital investment, purchase real estate or create job opportunities in Portugal.
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  • Investor Immigration Program (IIP) – Non-EEA nationals who sign up for an approved investment are eligible for IIP that facilitates residency visa in Ireland.
  • Startup Ireland / New Business Through Critical Skills Permit – The entrepreneur visa program facilitates long-term residence in Ireland and is available for business professionals who present innovative business plans.
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United Kingdom

  • Representative of Overseas Business (ROOB Visa) – ROOB visa, also known as ‘Sole Rep’ visa, is available for senior employees of overseas companies who wish to set up subsidiaries or branches of their companies in the UK.
  • Tier I Investor Visa – This visa category is available for those who can prove their access to at least £2 million on paper and are willing to invest a substantial amount in actively trading UK companies.
  • Innovator Visa – The UK Innovator Visa program is for experienced entrepreneurs who wish to set up their business in the UK.
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  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) – PNP is available for those who can make an investment to support the Canadian economy. Most provinces have their own PNP Entrepreneur Immigration Streams.
  • Startup Canada – This permanent residence visa program is available for immigrant entrepreneurs. The program links them to private sector Canadian investors who will then help establish their startup.
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