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Choosing the Right Investment Fund for Portugal Golden Visa


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You can participate in a Portuguese investment fund and get the Portugal Golden Visa. The investment types include startup businesses in different industries, yield-generating assets, real estate investments and even commodities.

Most investment options are focused on the real estate market. But you can always create a fund strategy for Golden Visa and diversify your investments instead of just buying one or two properties.

As a result, you can enjoy several benefits, for example,

  • You may not need to pay any taxes on what you earn from your funds in Portugal.
  • You can invest in Portuguese funds with just the transaction fee.
  • Professional managers manage your investments.
However, qualifying funds are classified as ‘risk funds’, which means there is a certain risk associated with the investment. Therefore, you must assess some critical aspects before investing. Here are a few things that you must have clarity on:

Specialization or Location

In Case of a Startup Investment – Find out the funding stage the startup company is in, such as angel, Series A, Series B, and Series C. Also, find out if there is a sectoral vertical that your investment will be concentrated on.

In Case of a Real Estate Investment – Look for funds that invest in assets in primary locations or strategic areas near an airport, hospital, etc.

Target Return

The target return is a critical factor in creating an effective fund strategy for Golden Visa. So, find out the Internal Rate of Return of the fund you are thinking to invest in. Also, look for funds that distribute annual dividends.

Target Commitment

Find out if the target of the fund is realistic. Make sure to ask how much the fund is trying to raise.


When it comes to fees, make sure to ask these questions:
  • Is there a subscription fee?
  • What is the annual management fee?
  • What performance fee will the investors be charged at the exit?
  • Are there any other charges in addition to these fees?

Portfolio Diversification

Check if the fund will diversify risks through a balanced portfolio selection. This is because the qualifying investment funds are associated with a certain risk.

Exit Strategy

Make sure the exit strategy of the fund is in your favour or doesn’t affect you negatively.
Make sure to also get other information, such as the fund maturity date, potential extension period, and CMVM registration.

Since the funds are managed by investment managers, you can ask about the investment or profile in the fund pipeline. You can also consult an independent advisor if you are not familiar with the abovementioned factors. They will help you compare different fund options so that your fund strategy for Golden Visa makes sense based on the current and potential market conditions.

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