Nysa IIP Application Guide - Choose the Perfect Investment Fund

Nysa IIP Application Guide – Choose the Perfect Investment Fund


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Ireland has attracted immigrants from around the world due to its high standards of living, stable economic environment, and picturesque countryside. In recent years, the Ireland Immigrant Investor program has become a popular residency opportunity for high-net-worth individuals to acquire Irish residency. Immigrants who invest € 1 million in an approved investment fund for a minimum duration of three years get Irish residence. Let’s look at the details of this avenue of Ireland immigration –

What is Ireland Immigrant Investment Program?

The Ireland IIP is meant to attract foreign investors to Ireland, to create economic opportunities and employment. Any non-EEA national planning to apply to IIP by investment fund option must invest € 1 million in Ireland. The investment should be in private equity or venture capital fund, and all funds must be invested in Ireland.

IIP Investment Types

  1. Enterprise Investment – Under the enterprise investment option, you must make a minimum investment of € 1 million in an Irish enterprise for a minimum of three years. The enterprise investment option offers investors the opportunity to start an enterprise or invest in an existing Irish business. Some prerequisites are –
    • The business should be headquartered in Ireland.
    • You may invest in an established business or a start-up.
    • Your investment can be spread out among multiple Irish enterprises.
    • The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service makes a clear preference for investments in nursing homes, social housing, and primary care centers.
    • The enterprise should be creating jobs for Irish citizens.
  2. Real Estate Investment Trusts – A Real Estate Investment Trust or REIT is a listed company that holds rental investment properties. The REIT investment option requires investors to make a minimum investment of €2 million in any Irish REIT listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. A REIT is a lower-risk property investment model.
    • You may spread your €2 million investment across two or more REITs.
    • You are eligible to divest a maximum of 50% of your shares after three years from the date of purchase.
  3. Endowment – The endowment investment option implies investing in projects of public benefit. Immigrants donate € 500,000 to a public benefit project in arts, sports, health, cultural, or educational fields. It is one of the most straightforward investment options offered in IIP. Once the donation is made, you are not liable to further financial obligations under the program.
    • Rather than an investment, the endowment is a philanthropic contribution with a visible public benefit.
    • Investors may opt to make an endowment as a group of five or more people. In this case, you are required to donate only €400,000 per investor.
  4. Investment Fund – Under the investment fund option, you must make a minimum investment of € 1 million in an approved investment fund for three years. This option is beneficial for investors new to Ireland and unfamiliar with Irish investments or enterprises. You can choose to work with an expert fund manager to invest your money in an approved fund. Some prerequisites are –
    • All funds should be invested in Ireland only
    • The Central Bank of Ireland should regulate the funds.

What is the IIP Investment Fund?

The Ireland IIP Investment fund is one of the types of investments offered to those who wish to get Ireland citizenship by investment. The fund may be private equity or a venture capital fund. An essential requirement is that all funds should be invested in Ireland. They’re also required to represent equity stakes in Irish registered companies that aren’t quoted on any stock exchange. Some crucial points to keep in mind about the IIP investment fund option are given below –

  • The Central Bank must regulate the funds and fund managers to conduct business in Ireland.
  • Funds should have a target size of at least € 20 million.
  • Only fund managers who have an established record of managing regulated funds are eligible.
  • You should prove that you do not need to take any loans to make this investment.
  • Funds quoted on a stock exchange represent equity stakes in an Irish registered company are not eligible.
  • The investment should be for a minimum of three years.

Why Invest in the Fund Option in IIP?

The most significant advantage of investing in the IIP option is that you can take the services of an approved professional investment intermediary and make a profitable investment. You can also rest assured that you only need to make the investment after the INIS supports your pre-application. Another benefit of the fund option in IIP is that it does not impose a minimum stay requirement on the investor. This option is particularly fruitful for those unfamiliar with the Irish investment market.

How Can Nysa Help You with Your Ireland Visa?

Nysa is an immigration services and advisory firm that help immigrants gain citizenship in a country of their choice through skilled and investment-based immigration. We help you navigate the process of immigration, documentation, and all the required procedures from start to finish. Partner with the experts as you make the transition to your new homeland.

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