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Your 5 Best Bets for Immigrating to Australia After 45

Immigrating to Australia After 45

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When it comes to applying for an Australian visa, patience is the key. It is not so easy to fly and stay in the land of Aussies, especially if you are 45 and above, since most Australian visas have an age limit of 44, for instance, permanent skill-based visas. So, what’s a 45 and above year old to do? Luckily that are five options available. Read on as this article gives you the best alternatives if you want to get an Australia PR after 45 years of age.

Business Innovation Visa

If you are a business owner that wants to operate a new or existing business in Australia, then getting an Australia visa after 45 years just got easier! Business Innovation Visa, also known as Australia 188a Visa (SC 188A), allows you to enter, stay, and travel for 4 years if you intend to run a business in Australia. You can also bring dependent family members along.

Once you are nominated by the Australian State or Territory government agency and score more than 65 points to receive an Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI), you are good to go. However, the Australian immigration age limit for this visa is 55 years, so don’t hold for too long before applying.

Business Talent Visa

Also known as the subclass 132 visa, the Business Talent Visa permits you to establish a new business or grow a prevailing business in Australia. It has two streams:

  1. Significant Business History
  2. For high merit business owners or co-owners who are interested in doing business in Australia.

  3. Venture Capital Entrepreneur
  4. For those who have obtained venture capital funding from an Australian Venture Capital Association Limited (ACVAL) member.
For this visa too, you must be nominated by the state and be younger than 55 years of age unless you meet other specific criteria.

Global Talent Visa

Global Talent Visa or the subclass 858 visa aims at growing Australia’s economy by attracting the world’s brightest talents.

If you are highly skilled in one of their 10 target sectors, you are eligible to apply for this visa. The target sectors are –
  • Resources
  • Energy
  • DigiTech
  • Education
  • Health industries
  • Agri-good and agtech
  • Circular economy
  • Infrastructure & tourism
  • Defense, advanced manufacturing and space
  • Financial services
They also have a high-income threshold of AUD1583,500 that must be met if you apply for this visa.

Parent Visas

If you are a parent of a child who is a residing citizen or a permanent resident of Australia or even an eligible NZ citizen, you can apply for the Parent Visa.
There are several available categories of the Parent Visa:

  • Parent visa (subclass 103): You need to apply as a retiree.
  • Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa: You’ll need an approved parent sponsor to apply.
  • Contributory Parent visas (subclasses 143 and 173): You need to apply as a retiree.
  • Aged Parent visa (subclass 804): If you are old enough to receive the age pension in Australia.
  • Contributory Aged Parent visas (subclasses 864 and 884): If you are old enough to receive the age pension in Australia.
You must also meet the balance-of-family test and have a sponsor to meet the health and character requirements for a Parent Visa.

Partner Visa

If you are in a genuine and continuing relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent citizen, you can take advantage of the Partner Visa. The person could be your spouse or your de facto partner. So, if you are more than 45 years old, you can apply for an Australian Partner Visa to stay in Australia.
Now that you have uncovered your options for Australian immigration after 45 years of age, you can start preparing your documents. Let your age not be a barrier to immigrating to Australia.

You can also consult a good immigration services provider to clarify any more queries that you may have.

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