Portugal Golden Visa – The Most Opportunistic Option for Residency

Portugal Golden Visa – The Most Opportunistic Option for Residency

Portugal Golden Visa – The Most Opportunistic Option for Residency

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After the decline in global passport power, second citizenships and passports have become the haven for investors in terms of asset protection. It offers a cover against global uncertainties that we are currently dealing with.

The demand for residence by investors in the first six months of 2021 was huge, rendering purchase transactions of around € 220 million. Moreover, this is the perfect time to gain residency by investment in Portugal since it has approved 20% more applications in 2021 so far compared to 2020. As a result, the country’s Golden Visa program received a whopping €22 197 726,03 in July 2021.

Portugal’s Golden Visa program has become one of the most viable investments and second citizenship options with unprecedented benefits. Let’s understand why in a little more detail.

What makes Portugal's Golden Visa an attractive opportunity?

  • Beautiful Destination

    Portugal has been a promising destination with a temperate climate, a potpourri of vibrant citizens, and a great culture. Lisbon, Porto, Algarve – the well-known regions in Portugal are a traveller’s dream. And that’s not it; the Portuguese countryside boasts a beautiful blend of ancient folklore and mesmerising landscapes. Moreover, it has 850 Km of splendid beaches, making it a perfect holiday destination. No wonder it has been the World Travel Awards’ Europe’s Best Destination for four years in a row. The fact that Portugal is a beautiful place to be in, makes it difficult to believe that it offers so many amazing yet affordable investment opportunities.

  • Portugal Ranking Facts

    Here are some interesting facts to help you understand more about Portugal supremacy:

    1. Portugal stands at the number one position among the best countries in Europe for ex-pats.
    2. It is ranked number one in the world for best Information Management Master’s Degree.
    3. It is the top travel destination in Europe.
    4. It is ranked as the third safest country in Europe.
    5. It stands at the fourth position in terms of citizenship or passport benefits for global citizens and nomads.
  • Portugal Socio-Economic Facts

    Here are some socio-economic factors of Portugal:

    1. As of 2019, the population of Portugal was 10.6 million.
    2. In 2019, 47489 companies opened in Portugal, creating new employment opportunities.
    3. Portugal GDP was USD 240.7 as calculated in August 2020.
    4. Portugal’s GDP per capita stands at USD 23,407.91 as of the year 2018.
    5. The country has an unemployment rate of only 6.5%.
    6. The minimum wage in Portugal is € 600.
    7. Portugal’s demographic density is 115.4 inhabitants per kilometre square.

Prediction and findings for Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal’s Golden Visa program is expected to undergo a makeover in 2022. Several investment routes in terms of residency will change, namely the popular real estate investment option in high-density locations. The minimum amounts of investment required and capital transfer will also see a change.

Experts predict that these changes will impact the Portugal Golden Visa data, which would lead to a significant increase in real estate investments. Diversified investments to Portugal’s autonomous regions of the Madeira and Azores islands and low-density regions are also expected. However, there is no clear indication of how exactly the numbers will change.

How Nysa Global Helps with Portugal Golden Visa

Nysa Global is a trusted brand name that offers handholding support throughout the Portugal Golden Visa program. Here’s the step-wise process to give you an idea:

  • Step 1: Start of the Process
    1. Sign Contract
    2. Obtain Tax Number
    3. Open Bank Account Transfer Funds
    4. Submit Civil Documents
    5. Initiate GV Process

  • Step 2: Residency Card
    Issue of EU Residency Card with a varied waiting time (valid for two years)

  • Step 3: Extended Residency Card
    Obtain extended EU Residency Card (valid for twoyears)

  • Step 4: Extended Residency Card
    Obtain extended EU Residency Card (valid for anothertwo years)

  • After 5 Years
    Permanent Residency –Golden Visa renewal and application for permanent residency
    Citizenship –Golden Visa renewal and application for citizenship
Portugal is the most welcoming country for ex-pats and also offers brilliant investment opportunities with maximum benefits. So, get in touch with us at Nysa Global, and our experts can help you getstarted with your Portugal Golden Visa process. Good luck!

Ready to move Portugal? Explore your options and make a life-changing decision.

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