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5 Top Ways for a Hassle-Free Immigration to Canada

5 Top Ways for a Hassle-Free Immigration to Canada

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Over the past decade, Canada has emerged as a coveted destination for Indian immigrants. Many people wish to set up their own business, work in global corporate, study overseas, immigrate to Canada, hoping for a better future. And Canada has never disappointed them.

However, applying for immigration to Canada involves various steps and procedures – and it is essential to keep yourself well informed when applying for permanent residence. Applicants who spend time understanding the immigration process and completing their documentation well are more likely to get permanent residence in Canada. Read about the easiest ways to immigrate to Canada and navigate the immigration program.
Five options for migrating to Canada –

  1. Express Entry

  2. One of the best aspects of the Canadian Immigration Program is the Canada Express Entry option. It allows an immigrant to apply in three economic class immigration programs, namely –

    • Federal Skilled Worker Program –
    • The FSWP category is for skilled and experienced workers in one of the three national occupation classification or NOC job groups. Minimum requirements include professional work experience, language ability, and education.

    • Federal Skilled Trades Program–
    • The FSTP category is for skilled and experienced workers in one of the six national occupation classification or NOC job groups. Minimum requirements include two years of professional work experience, language ability, a valid job offer, and education.

    • Canadian Experience Class–
    • The CEC category is for skilled workers who have Canadian work experience and want to apply for permanent residence. The minimum requirements include language ability, at least one year of professional work experience in Canada, and admissibility to Canada.
    The Canada Express Entry program follows a point-based grading system that considers language abilities, education, work experience, age, job offer, and adaptability, among other things. Applicants receive points based on a comprehensive ranking system or CRS. Those who clear the points cut-off are awarded an invitation to apply (ITA) by the Canadian Immigration Authorities.

  3. Provincial Nominee Program –
  4. The provincial nominee program or the Canada PNP is relevant to those candidates who wish to live in a particular province or territory in Canada. Depending on your skills, education, and work experience, you may be well-suited to contribute to the economy of a specific region or territory. Your skills or experience qualify you to be a part of the ‘stream’ of candidates your province targets through their immigration program.

  5. Start-up Visa Program –
  6. The Canada start-up visa is for immigrants who wish to start a business in Canada. To begin with, a candidate may move to Canada under this visa and get a work permit to start their business. Sometime later, they will be eligible to apply for a PR visa. Canadian investors must support the work permit.

  7. Family Sponsorship –
  8. Under the family sponsorship program, you may sponsor your family to immigrate to Canada. You may do so only if you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada and at least eighteen years or older. This option is also open to those registered in Canada as Indians under the Canadian Indian Act. The following family members are eligible for sponsorship –

    • Spouse, partner, or dependent children
    • Parents or grandparents
    • Adopted children
    • Relatives (Certain conditions are applicable here)

  9. Study Permit –
  10. Canada provides a study permit to foreign nationals who wish to study there. This permit is valid for the length of your course and an additional ninety days. Suppose you live in any of the following countries. In that case, you can apply online through the Student Direct Stream and get a study permit faster – India, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, or Vietnam.
If you are interested in migrating to Canada, you may need expert help to understand which part of the Canadian Immigration Program is most suitable for you. To know more about the Canada PNP or PR in Canada, log on to nysaglobal.com or talk to us today! Talk to our experienced and well-informed consultants about the immigration formalities and can guide you to apply successfully.

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