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Top 9 Countries for Indians to Apply for Permanent Residency

Top countries to apply for PR

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The world can be traversed in 80 days; at least that’s what the literary world says. With the advent of technology and better transportation facilities, travelling doesn’t seem to be depend sent on a simple bet, and the plan can be executed for various reasons pertaining to an individual’s choice. As the world grows and expands, not just in terms of technological advancements but also with respect to enumerable opportunities opening up for a variety of sectors. Settling down in another country, owing to various personal or political factors, seems to be a daunting challenge, however, someone has rightly said, you miss hundred percent of the chances you don’t take.

The concept of permanent residency arose from the simple need to do away with continuous renewal of visa, especially when an individual had planned to settle down in the foreign land owing to the various opportunities for individual growth and development. Permanent residency cropped up as a unique solution for doing away with taxing processes of visa renewal, whilst helping the individuals retain, the original citizenship of their motherland. It allowed one to enjoy several benefits enjoyed by the citizens of the nation with the only two restrictions imposed on them, including the inability to apply for any government positions and not cast a vote during any form of election. The USA has developed an efficient system of giving permanent residency to through their Green Card Program, however, the barriers with this sound system comes in the form of various criteria that Indians will have to fulfil, in order to achieve one. So where should Indians go?

Here is a list of the ten most preferable places that Indians must apply for Permanent Residency, owing to the ease in its process for the same. Weigh your options and see what suits your needs the best:

1. Paraguay

For those who haven’t trotted around the globe, yet wish to apply for permanent residency, Paraguay is the place for you. The country has flexible laws, one of which clearly states that the applicants need not have spent any time in the country to apply for Permanent residency. With its simple criterion like having no criminal record, a steady financial stature, valid passport and good health, one is set to start afresh in this nation of long coastlines and rich historical background. A financial deposition of Rupees Three lakh and twenty thousand (or $4500) is required for the application process, which can be withdrawn, post the residency has been granted. The process may take a few weeks, which is comparatively faster than most application processes.

2. Uruguay

Deriving its name from the Uruguay River, which means the land of the painted birds, one of the most important features about applying for permanent residency in here is that, the application process does not require any financial deposition or investment. Instead, the applicant must stay in the country for at least two years, during which the application is being processed. The applicant must possess a valid passport with good health card, and must be able to work, in order to sustain a living during the stay. Once the residency is granted, the applicant must visit the country, at least once in three years.

3. Belize

A fundamental requirement of getting a permanent resident citizenship of Belize is to stay in the country for at least one year, without leaving it for more than a fortnight. Most aspirants enter the nation through a tourist visa, which they renew every thirty days, till they reach the 50 weeks requirement. Post this, they apply for permanent citizenship. Another method of acquiring citizenship involves marrying a Belizean citizen. The applicant must be in good health, with sufficient skills to help prove monetary viability in the nation, with no criminal records.

4. Ecuador

A key factor in gaining permanent residency in Ecuador is the need to get a Temporary Residence visa, and stay in the country for at least 2 years. The applicant must prove a clean criminal record from the previous placer of occupancy in order to receive a permit. Post the approval for permanent residency, the applicant must stay in the nation for at least three months, post which, the arrival and departure from the nation is not bound by any rules. However, visiting once in every five years is the minimum requirement of maintaining your residential permit. Other eligibility criteria include, a legalized union with an Ecuadorian citizen, or a minor dependency on a citizen holding permanent citizenship in Ecuador.

5. Panama

Deemed to be a haven for all those who wish to apply for permanent residency abroad, Panama has some easy methods to gain a residential permit. Some methods include living in Panama for five years, marrying a citizen from Panama and contributing a required amount in Panama, in some form of business. Retired aspirants can apply only if they have a pension of about seventy thousand rupees for a lifetime. With the country known to be a place of booming economy, starting your own venture is an easy task here. Permanent relocation is not a strict requirement to apply for residency and a majority of citizens in the country speak Spanish, an easy language to learn in a short period of time. Thus, it is an ideal place to seek permanent residency in.

6. Dominican Republic

The citizenship programme was implemented in the country since 1993, post which the land of lush rainforests and mountainous region, known as the host of 365 rivers was open to everyone around the world. One can apply for permanent residency, only after staying in the nation for at least five years. The application takes 180 days to be processed with no documents to be submitted for residency. Good health and clean criminal record are essential requirements for approval of the application. The applicant must prove the ability to retain financial sustainability during the period of stay. The validity of the residential card is for two tears, post which one can apply for renewal or permanent citizenship.

7. South Africa

To be an approved applicant, one can hold the ground of permanent work in the nation. Highly qualified individuals, who intend to settle down for business or refugees under the Refugee Act can also apply for permanent residency. An applicant who has stayed in the country for five years, is of steady health with no criminal record is also in an ideal position to apply for the same.

8. Greece

Deemed as one of the most competitive citizenships in the world, the permanent residency can be applied for, in case one can make a financial investment of about one crore or 2500 Euros, in the real estate business of Europe. The applicant may hold the permanent residency for as long the property is maintained. The validity of the permit is for five years, and does require regular visits to the nation. Once the approval comes, the applicant may travel Visa free to all nations under Schengen zone, for three months within a period of six 180 days. An insurance policy is offered as a backup plan, in order to allow the permanent resident to feel secure to call it their second home.

9. Hungary

Allowing one to enjoy the same rights as that of a citizen, the status of a permanent resident is almost equal to one. One can apply only after residing in the country for at least five years, during which they mustn’t have left the land for more than a consecutive duration of 90 days. An Indian married to a Hungarian citizen is also eligible to apply, and the duration of residing in the nation for a married applicant reduces to 365 days. The applicant process is efficient, and can be processed within a month.

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