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Starting New Business Abroad- USA, UK, Canada, Ireland and Portugal

New business abroad

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As the economic impact of COVID 19 becomes more widespread and even the most prosperous of nations are focusing on resetting their economies, increased emphasis (if not an all-out search) on economic development and job creation have moved foreign investment programs to the forefront. Traditional monetary foreign direct investment is most highly regarded followed closely by large corporates expanding to foreign locations.

That said, SME’s account for more than 40% of the US economy. 99.8% of Canadian businesses are SME’s. SME’s more than any other aspect of business drive employment, are far more fluid in terms of start-up or expansion, and of course are loyal first and foremost to their country of location as opposed to origin because the mantra to buy local ever increasing.

In years gone by, investment immigration programs primarily traded immigration benefits for passive monetary investment to stimulate economic development. But in the last several years the emphasis from traditional destinations like Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe have been on attracting the entrepreneur, the SME, the highly skilled worker.

Nysa Global, one of India’s most experienced investment immigration companies, has been working with hundreds of SME’s, entrepreneurs and business professionals in better understanding how to achieve starting and expanding businesses in countries such as the United States, Canada, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom. These government programs not only want to attract economic development, but innovative enterprises and the people that go with them.

Unlike many pure investment immigration schemes that offer below market returns on passive investments, these programs put the investor in the traditional risk and return dynamic. In most cases the immigration benefit is not so much predicated on the success of the business, but the owner operator following a plan, employing local people when it makes sense, and joining the local business community as a peer.

For example Ireland has a start-up business structure whereby the foreigner starts a business, employs himself, retains the services of a local mentor/director, and follows a pre-approved business plan. After two years the business owner operator is eligible to apply for permanent residency. Along the way his spouse is free to work under a work permit, children can avail of one of the finest public education systems in the world, and the family can enjoy the Irish lifestyle. Alternatively the family can also stay in the home country as long as they like.

For businesses interested to expand their reach to the United Kingdom, the Representative of Overseas Business program is available whereby a foreign company can employ a representative to be located in the U.K. to extend and expand its interests abroad. Family is eligible to accompany the representative, find jobs, attend school and avail of health care. Once the representative has been in the U.K. for 3 years he and the family are eligible for an Indefinite Leave to Return which is essentially permanent residency that ultimately matriculates to citizenship should the applicant so desire.

These are but two examples. Many such programs are available across many countries. Nysa Global can provide the potential business investor with all the tools he needs to take advantage of such programs. From writing business plans, to navigating the applications process, to making the transition, Nysa works with world class professionals to provide its clients with a complete package of services.

The next Nysa Global Investment Immigration Webinar will focus on start-up business opportunities in the USA, UK, Canada, Ireland and Portugal. All of these programs are designed for those desiring to expand their global footprint, build a successful business, and achieve their dreams. Please join Nysa Global on Wednesday, 12 September at 3:00 pm IST to learn more about how you can avail of these many opportunities.

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