Role of Immigration Consultant's Overseas Partner in Application Success

Your Immigration Consultant’s Overseas Partner: A Vital Role in Application Success


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The decision to immigrate to a different country is a life-changing event and a huge investment. So, it’s crucial that while you decide, you consider various factors like which country you’d like to immigrate to and your purpose for immigration – is it study, residency or business?

With the ever-changing immigration laws and guidelines, the immigration process can get overwhelming for you to do it alone. Moreover, you could reduce your chances of getting your application approved by doing it all by yourself. The best thing you could do is take the help of an experienced immigration consultant who has partners overseas to make the immigration process easier. With the right immigration consultant who has the right overseas partners, the chances of your immigration application being a success are extremely high.

Nysa Global has the best overseas partners and that is why we help you increase the chances of getting your immigration application accepted.

Why do you need an immigration consultant with successful overseas partnerships?

  1. The consultant can help you choose the “best” option for your situation.

  2. Everyone’s situation is unique, and there may not be an absolute best option. But an immigration consultant, thanks to their overseas partnerships, understands different visa or immigration programs. This helps them to provide you with a “better option” for your unique situation.
    After studying your profile, the immigration consultant will guide you about the most appropriate visa options for you. This not only helps you save time, effort and resources, it also makes the process faster and increases your chances of getting a visa.

  3. You are assured that your file is presented in an organised and complete way.

  4. The immigration application process is complex and very detail-oriented. If you miss out on providing some information, your application may be sent back or worse – it may be rejected. An immigration consultant with a reliable overseas partner has a qualified high level of details and organisation skills to ensure that the information is complete and your case is presented in the best possible manner to the immigration authorities.

  5. The right overseas partner will make the complicated process simpler for you.

  6. The immigration process is complex, with various programs covering different types of immigration situations. The entry requirements vary depending on the country of immigration, the uniqueness of each case and industry requirements.
    An immigration consultant working in collaboration with overseas partners have the law knowledge and the local knowledge of the society. The consultant can guide you through the process and make the complicated process simpler for you.

  7. If your consultant has the right overseas partner, it will save you valuable time and money.

  8. Understanding the immigration rules, managing the entire application process, and communicating with immigration authorities require many time and resource investments. Without proper resources or expertise, you can face costly setbacks in terms of extended processing times, rejections or entry delays or even investment risk.
    An immigration consultant with the right overseas partner has an in-depth understanding of the immigration laws and the experience of dealing with government procedures to get your application processed in time and with increased chances of success.

  9. You are provided with alternative options (when required).

  10. Even if you meet all the eligibility requirements and submit the application correctly, you may not be lucky to get visa success. In such a situation, your immigrant consultant can revive your lost hope by providing you with alternative options.

  11. Give proper attention to legal preparation.

  12. A robust partnership with overseas consultants makes your immigrant consultant familiar with the legal proceedings surrounding immigration. They can explain the legal process to you in detail, help you fulfil all the visa process requirements, and file a complete visa application for improved chances of success.

About Nysa Global and Our Overseas Partners

Nysa Global is an immigration services and advisory firm that started in 2010 with the aim to help people fulfil their dream of a new beginning in a new world. Whether it’s a skilled or business migration, Nysa, with the help of our overseas partners, matches your profile and immigration goal with the right country and the right program.

We take the responsibility to help you navigate the complexities of global migration, international business investments, employment and immigration tax solutions. We take away the hassle around the migration process and documentation from start to finish, giving you a seamless migration experience.

Through our overseas partnerships, we help you achieve your immigration goals.

If you’re a skilled professional looking for better work opportunities, we act as a bridge between you and the local authorities.

If you are an investor looking for citizenship or residency in another country, we act as the point of contact between your investments and the clients in our markets.

If you are looking to expand your business in a foreign country, we assist in planning, setting up and implementing your business in the new country.

About Our Overseas Partners

Nysa works directly with the partner, their lawyers and our clients for very smooth processing of documents, applications, etc., to provide a seamless experience for all our clients. Nysa has a due diligence process where we select our partners and then work with clients on their immigration goals. Our partners are available for direct interaction with prospective clients and to answer their queries. Nysa Global, our projects & attorney partners, take care of 100% of the immigration process – from documentation to qualification visa issuance and compliance to refund investments.

Our partner in Portugal is one of the most prominent players in the Portugal Golden Visa real estate market. The Group makes up to 50% of the total €280K & €350K Golden Visa projects available. It has issued 1000 plus Golden Visas to date. Our partner for Portugal Golden Visa has been in the immigration business for over 30 years and has successfully done projects and programs in several countries around the world, including the US EB-5, Canada, both skilled and business migration and the investor program.

They are now in Portugal for the last six years. They specialise in boutique hotels, small hotels and branded small hotels in the €280,000 and the €350,000 category, and this is their 12th project.

Besides being experts at Portugal Golden Visa, they are also highly and absolutely transparent. They have a world-class construction team, and despite COVID-19, there were no delays in any of the construction projects. Investments with they are clean as there is no inflation in terms of the pricing, etc.

The projects are viable, structured to give 100% ownership to investors with no bank loans or local investors. The project costing is appraised and audited by professional consultants. The funds are segregated by projects with no mixing of money between projects. There is a repayment escrow account where all the income/cash flow of operations is collected to repay investors at redemption. Moreover, the projects are structured to qualify under the new rules that are coming in Jan 2022.

Nysa works in direct investment with our “Boots on the ground” approach in Portugal. We believe that the residential projects or projects listed on Golden Visa sellers are overpriced by at least 20-25%. In buying real estate, local knowledge is paramount as it’s challenging to know good area vs bad or average. However, with our direct real estate person in Portugal, we can differentiate locations, properties and prices. Our lawyers are thoroughly versed with local property laws. We source the properties from the local market that are for sale in Portugal for Portuguese buyers.

At Nysa, we do not recommend fund investment as we are not convinced about fund management, administration and investment hygiene.
Our overseas partners in the USA are Cota Vera and BRS. Nysa Global has two EB-5 visa approaches: Regional center and Direct EB-5 investment. Currently, the regional center EB-5 program is closed.

Regional center projects:

We offer 2 projects:

1. A 100% subsidiary of a New York-based investment banking & financial services group. The project has only 15% of EB-5 capital, and 85% of the capital is from the project sponsors. The project is a real estate development in San Diego, CA, with Cota Vera, the USA’s no. 1 real estate market. This EB-5 investor has the 1st position mortgage on the title, with 6 times security coverage for repayment. This is the only EB-5 project that is listed on the stock exchange as the parent company is listed on NYSE. The sponsors have been in the real estate market for 30 plus years and have built many national award-winning communities. The sponsor is a debt-free company. Their 1st EB-5 project is fully built & sold out with 250 investors approved, while their current project has 200+ investors.

2. This project is the new additional production line of BRS, the most advanced steel manufacturing plant in the world located in the USA. The project has marquee sponsors like Berkshire Hathaway, TPG capital, the Coach family and pension funds. The first phase is operational with USD 300 million in profit.

In the last 10 years, Nysa Global has 330 EB-5 applications filled, and 50+ investors from our early projects are already repaid. Our partners and lawyers have successfully filed thousands Of EB-5 applications.

Direct EB-5:

Nysa has worked with clients to structure & qualify investments under the direct EB-5 program in the hospitality sector in the past.

Nysa has created investment opportunities that qualify for direct EB-5 in the senior living and daycare sectors that we are now presenting to our clients.

In 2018, with rules change in the regional center program, Nysa started the spadework to find direct investments. With our “boots on the ground” approach, in 2019, when the investment amount was increased from USD 500K to USD 900K, Nysa came out with its first direct investment offering in 2020.

We currently have senior living and daycare projects that are structured with a leading facility operator, Autumn trace, Lebanon, IN. Our overseas partner has 25+ years of operating experience in its field and 20+ years of experience developer experience. The partner has 50+ projects built & sold in these sectors and currently operate 10+ facilities.

Our US partner and Nysa Global bring the sponsor equity and local US bank loan with EB-5 investors coming as equity partners or junior equity partners with a buyback. While Nysa Global takes care of 100% of the process, including EB-5 qualification & compliance, EB-5 documentation, project management and exit, the operator and developer help evaluate the opportunity and provide relevant information on the feasibility study.

Right from helping you choose the kind of immigration option to application submission and processing to eventually helping you adjust to your new life in another country, our experts at Nysa Global and our Overseas Partners are with you every step of the way!

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