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How to Choose Your Eb-5 Investment

EB-5 Investment

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With over $5 billion raised in 2014 by numerous projects across the U.S. structured under the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (U.S.C.I.S.) Investment-Immigration Program (EB-5 Program), the program is at an all time high.

NYSA Global specializes in EB5-structured project-financing. NYSA has adopted an investor-centric, compliance-oriented service delivery model founded on the following key principles:

Risk Mitigation/Project Quality

Our projects are thoroughly vetted and underwritten so that the risk to investor is greatly reduced. Our due- diligence methodology is rigorous and essentially ensures that any project we engage will be “otherwise bankable” regardless of the EB5 funding component. This is very unique because many projects today rely heavily on the EB5 money as they cannot qualify for more traditional sources of funds. The result and outcome of this systemic underwriting process is a significant risk reduction for the investor. Simply stated, the quality of our projects is unequalled in the EB5 market place today.


NYSA has established a corporate culture of integrity and complete transparency in every aspect of our business. There are no hidden fees and no short cuts. Moreover, we are investing significant amounts in our internal systems, technology, and processes to ensure that reporting and compliance are adhered to with consistency and sustainability.

Institutional Approach

The EB5 market today is riddled with inefficiency and a lack of processes and professionalism. NYSA’s goal is to bring an institutional approach that is crafted to deliver the maximum value for our clients and investors.


NYSA has uniquely embraced the rules and regulations promulgated by both USCIS and SEC/FINRA. More specifically, all of our projects are SEC/FINRA registered for the safety of the investor and all of our internal processes are deliberately aligned in this regard and have been incorporated as part of our brand and culture.


NYSA has carefully deliberated and chosen to be regional centre “agnostic”. This enables us the flexibility to select qualified regional centres with whom to associate our client projects. This is a considerable advantage in contrast to other project offerings.


NYSA has identified a group of “best of class” professional service firms with whom to affiliate to further underscore our institutional approach and to enhance our ability to safeguard the transactional integrity of each project.


The NYSA organization is comprised of industry experts from across multiple industries and professions. Our team experience is both broad and extremely deep in each discipline. We are experts in financial modeling, structures, and vehicles. We are also experts incompliance and regulatory matters in addition to having vast successful transactional experience registering in the billions of dollars with Fortune 500 companies.

Global Reach

NYSA has adopted a “boots on the ground” construct across the globe and has developed its own proprietary network of prospective investors, immigration agents, and financial advisors that work exclusively with NYSA because of the NYSA “brand” that delivers quality projects for investment opportunity.


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