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Benefits of EU citizenship

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One might think that it is the famous actors or acclaimed singers who have it in them to sway a huge number of people, and bring them onto their feet. But have you ever thought about the millions who are in awe of the EU passport, which makes travelling across 153 countries, without a visa seem like w walk in the park, thus, making the passport, one of the most coveted piece of document ever. Join hands with citizens across the globe, who wish to acquire this passport and go on a long tour of the most picturesque European destinations.

There are enumerable advantages of holding a EU citizenship, which includes the freedom to explore international lands, equal working rights, and the crucial facility to be able to transfer the citizenship onto your progeny or grandchildren, thus making the dual citizenship, one of the most flexible and worthy things to go and achieve. Here is a detailed description of the various benefits that could be cultivated through the maintaining of a EU passport.

Removing the need for visa:
A quick trip around Europe is enough to validate the fact that citizens from Australia, Canada and other nearby nations are free to travel without a visa. This continuous travel around the EU is enough to tempt most of us to go out and get out own EU citizenship. However, some important factors to keep in mind about this include, that the visitor cannot reap educational or occupational benefits for more than three months, out of the six months made available to them, through the EU citizenship. If one’s citizenship is approved, they can travel across the 28 member states, without any restrictions.

Equal working and educational rights:
Approved citizens of the EU, nationals of the European Economic Area and Switzerland, have been allowed by the legal system to make use of the educational, occupational and cultural opportunities that are being enjoyed by the original citizens of the nation. Working through an employee-sponsored visa can be an expensive affair, since employers look for bilingual, experienced professional in different sectors, with an international setting. They usually prefer dual citizens owing to the zero interference by visa works and legal permits.

Availability of scholarships:
Some of the most acclaimed universities across the globe, are situated in Europe, thus making it a hotspot for a variety of students to flock into and attain knowledge from. The presence of a diversity of reputable universities, gathered from almost 30 countries with minimal tuition fees, which provide an opportunity for networking and career development, has made EU permanent residency, a trending need. Some of the most sought-after courses include journalism, business and law, and in near future, it is expected that the percentile of higher qualification degree holders, in the age group of 30s will witness an upsurge to almost 45% in the EU. The most famous exchange programme, Erasmus+ allows students to hone their skills in various sectors and develop their interest to help shoot their chances of employment. More than 4 million people have actively participated in this program and lived a better life.

Begin a new journey:
As a certified EU citizen, one can easily extend the branch of an existing company, in any of the EU countries, such as Iceland and Norway, for a quicker and more efficient result. Most start ups in EU require a financial investment of less than 100 euros, in a time span of less than three working days including all the government specified procedures, which are sanctioned by one administrative body. A set of interesting provisions are available to help the start-ups commence and grow, with the establishments of unique ventures like Europe Partnership Program. One can register in the Partnership’s Portal to look for sanctified funding for their project. These unique ventures look forward to smoothing the process of financial investment, with technical assistance for a productive use of sources. This is a huge benefit for business holders, with dual citizenship who can rake in benefits from the same economic zone.

Consular protection through EU state members:
EU citizens are entitled to protection by consular authorities of any EU country, where there is zero recognition of their national state representation. it has been enshrined in the article 46 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, where there is a diplomatic representation of all the 28 states in three countries only, naming China, Russia and United States. In other parts of the world, there is no representation of EU citizens through national embassy; hence during times of emergency, member states must help their EU citizens for evacuation to their motherlands. Not just this, but the protection is also applicable for every day issues like passport theft, health issues inter alia.

National health care benefits:
The present EU Laws specify that the EU citizens are liable to health care benefits during their visit to any of the 28 member states of the EU. This could be valid for their irregular trips involving vacation, academic purposes, medical treatments etc.

Voting rights and government authoritative position:
All citizens, irrespective of holding their membership as a citizen or a resident have the right to vote for any form of election held throughout the country. They are also permitted to stand for European Parliament, in the EU country where they reside, like all citizens are permitted to stand for. They can be recruited under the same guidelines which are applicable for the citizens without being asked to fulfil additional criterion for same. They can apply for public sectors, or any job vacancy advertised across EU. However, there may be reserved pool of posts, which are strictly meant for the citizens of EU.

Rich cultural and heritage value:
The benefit of EU citizenship is not just restricted to economical benefits, but is also instrumental in bringing about a discovery pertaining to information about ancestors, that will help you connect to your roots well.

Private space:
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) allows individuals to cover, collect, store and move their personal data from one service provider to another. The EU regulations are instrumental in providing a layer of security regarding taxation, which is not available elsewhere in any part of the world. The stringent policy laws are second only to that of Poland’s: thus giving us one of the main reasons for its popularity.

A good backup:
In a world, where change is the only constant, it is a good idea to keep a backup plan for hard times. There is an incessant flow of political and social stability, which must be dealt with. An EU passport provides the opportunity for endless travel, secure passage and firm assistance for an individual and a family.

The EU dual citizenship allows the opportunity to own real estate without the need to seek a legal permit. It will add diversity to one’s estate portfolio, with an additional bonus about the fact that many European countries are still reeling from the shock of property crisis, thus making the estate prices cheaper and more affordable.

After 5 years, Portuguese permit holders can apply for EU citizenship through naturalization. Once become a naturalized EU citizen, s/he can live, travel and work freely in the 32 countries that make up the European Economic Area. That is the 28 member states, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. The EU is a global actor who plays an international role on the world stage and has been enjoying 62 years in peace, making it one of the safest place in the world. In 2018, the EU’s GDP was estimated to be $18.8 trillion (nominal) which is approximately 22% of the global economy, which granted the EU on the top spot as the largest economy in the world. This, combined with high ranking in the Global Competitiveness Index in the region, means it is one of the best place to do business. With GDP per capita of €25,000 and high safety food standards, the EU residents have been enjoying high standard of livings. Citizens are automatically provided with free education in most EU countries and free medical coverage. Europe may be the second smallest continent, but it is densely packed with many of the world’s best educational institutions. In the QS world university rankings, a total of 381 European universities are featured among the world’s best, roughly 38% of all the universities in the world. All these factors provide an environment where newcomers can thrive. EU anti-discrimination law protects people of different backgrounds from discrimination based on age, disability, sexual orientation, race and religion belief beyond the workplace. Every EU citizen, newcomers included, have the right to vote, join or represent political groups. Its progressive culture provides sense of security for everyone. In fact, the current Irish prime minister is of Indian heritage.

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