Read This Before You Apply for a Sole Representative Visa UK Extension

Read This Before You Apply for a Sole Representative Visa UK Extension

Apply for a Sole Representative visa UK extension

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A sole representative visa UK is a permit to enter the United Kingdom as a representative of an established overseas business. It is a suitable visa for people in business who wish to establish their business’ first commercial presence in the United Kingdom. Initially, the sole rep visa UK is granted for three years, after which you may apply for an extension.

Here’s a detailed guide on the essential rules and procedures of the sole representative visa UK extension –

Eligibility Criteria

If you wish to apply for an extension on your sole rep visa UK, you must fulfil the following eligibility criteria –

  • You are still the representative of an overseas business or an employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organization
  • You are still working for the same employer as when you were issued your previous visa.
  • You have established and are supervising a UK branch or subsidiary of the overseas business.
  • Your employer’s business is headquartered outside of the UK.
  • You are present in the UK.
  • You have evidence that you will continue to represent the overseas company as its sole UK representative.

How Long Can You Stay in the UK?

The sole representative visa UK extension is granted for two years after the original visa duration for three years. Make your application before the completion of the first three years.

Suppose you hold a sole representative visa UK. In that case, you may apply for settlement in the United Kingdom after completing five years in the UK – provided you still work for the same company.

Can Your Spouse and Dependents Continue to Stay with You in the UK?

If you are applying for an extension of your sole representative visa UK remember to apply for a visa extension for any legally dependent family members (spouse/children) living with you. This rule is also applicable to any children who may have turned eighteen during your stay in the United Kingdom. You will have to include their details in your visa extension application.

Applying for a Sole Representative UK Visa Extension

If you have all the requisite documentation, the procedure for applying for a sole representative visa UK extension is online and simple to follow. As per sole representative guidance, here is a list of the documents that you need to provide –

  • Branch registration or incorporation documents
  • Information of the UK branch’s business structure
  • Details of accounts
  • Proof of payment/earnings of the past 12 months
  • Evidence of working hours of the past 12 months


The application for a sole representative visa UK extension is £704 per applicant, including dependents.

Additionally, you will need to pay a healthcare surcharge and £19.20 as biometrics and photo processing charges.

How Long Does It Take?

Usually, the decision to approve or reject a visa extension application for a sole representative is made in eight weeks. If you have applied before the expiration of your initial visa, your existing leave to remain continues as is. The UK visa authorities may contact you if –
  • Your supporting documents need to be verified.
  • If they want you to attend an interview.
  • Any personal circumstances that make your case unique.
The sole representative visa UK extension process is simpler than it seems; all you need is the proper guidance and flawless paperwork to get the extension. Our experts at Nysa Global offer high-quality guidance for all visa applications and immigration procedures. Our experience in visa application, business visa extension, and immigration can help you fulfil your dreams of living in the UK.

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