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10 Things You Must Know About the Ireland IIP Programme

10 Things You Must Know About the Ireland IIP Programme

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Ireland is quickly gaining the reputation of becoming the most modern land of innovation, technology, and a growing digital economy. Today, Ireland stands out as one of the most lucid destinations for entrepreneurs and investors that desire long-term residency and citizenship in Europe.

The Irish Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) or Golden Visa is a residency by investment scheme that is available to any non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals who agree to invest a minimum of €1 million in Ireland and hold it for 5 years, and who also have a net worth of €2 million.

10 Surprising Advantages of The Irish IIP:

  1. Irish Residency
    You will get your Irish residency permit (Stamp 4) after your IIP application is approved. And for the next two years, you and your family can safely live, study, work, or start a business in the country with the permit. You can also travel throughout the EU and Schengen zone.

  2. Eligibility for Irish Citizenship
    After completing full-time residency for five years, you and your family can apply for Irish citizenship. With the citizenship and passport in your hand, you can reside, study, or work in any EU country without any additional visa requirements.

  3. Access to the UK and EU
    Ireland is the only EU country that holds a Common Travel Area agreement with the UK which allows the citizens of both countries to travel, study, and work freely between the two nations.

  4. Discounted Education
    Ireland is the home to two of the top universities in Europe. Should your children decide to go to a university in Ireland, you can avail of a €50,000 discount incentive from your IIP investment to support it.

  5. High Ranking Passport
    Did you know that by acquiring an Irish passport, you can travel visa-free to 87.7% part of the world? That’s right. Ireland’s passport is one of the highest-ranking passports in terms of value and gives you access to 199 countries and territories worldwide.

  6. Ease of Communication
    Ireland is the only country in the EU where English is the official first language. So, with English being the third most spoken language in the world, it is easy for most immigrants to communicate without difficulty in Ireland.

  7. Low Stay Requirements
    To maintain your permanent residency status, you need to stay in Ireland for only one day a year until you apply for an Irish passport. This is one of the lowest stay requirements when compared to the other EU country programmes.

  8. Favourable Tax Regime
    Apart from being taxed on the income that you receive in Ireland; you don’t necessarily have to become an Irish tax resident if you don’t plan to stay there during your visa term. And if you wish to stay, the corporate tax rate in Ireland is only 12.5%.

  9. High Standard of Living
    Ireland offers a competitive quality of life and ranks second in the Human Development Index for the same. If you’re looking for a life balance that keeps you in the best of health, Ireland is the place to be.

  10. No Need to Master the English Language
    Even though English is the official language of Ireland, you don’t need to master it to invest or live in the country. This benefits people from other countries who have a native language other than English .

With so many benefits of the Irish IIP programme, Ireland is becoming the hotspot for those who want to invest or stay for a long term in the country. Being a flourishing economy and one of the most hospitable countries, it is a highly attractive destination for businessmen looking to relocate and develop their business in Europe.

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