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Top countries to apply for PR

Top 9 Countries for Indians to Apply for Permanent Residency

The world can be traversed in 80 days; at least that’s what the literary world says. With the advent of technology and better transportation facilities, travelling doesn’t seem to be depend sent on a simple bet, and the plan can be executed for various reasons pertaining to an individual’s choice. As the world grows and …

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Portugal Residency

How to obtain Portuguese residency

There are many different ways to become Portuguese resident and eventually obtain EU citizenship if the person stays in Portugal more than 5 years through naturalization. In order to decide which route to take, it would largely depend on each person’s background. We have listed out 5 different ways to become Portuguese.

IT Job Opportunities - Ireland

IT is calling | Work in Ireland

Information Technology plays a major role in  business  helping  organizations increase proficiency in order to elevate the output. Development in the IT sector increases efficiency  in  business, as well as capacity for electronic data storage, record protection and faster communications.

Maiden 2020 Express Entry Draw invites 3,400 applicants to apply for permanent residency

Canada drew its first Express Entry, which witnessed 3,400 invitations to apply for permanent residence in the country. According to the minimum Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), the minimum score needed to be able to ascertain the eligibility for this invitation was 473, which was drawn on January 8. The points according to this system are awarded on the basis of important life factors like, education, skills, work experience, age, and proficiency in either English of French.

Invest in your child's US dreams

Plan An Investment For Your Child’s US Dreams!

For most Indian parents, like any other non-U.S. citizens considering undergraduate collegiate programmes for their children in the United States are confronted both by the challenge of gaining admission to the college of their choice as well as the daunting task of securing immigration rights for attending as well as pursuing their post graduate plans.

Ireland for Indian Pharmaceutical workers

Why is Ireland the right choice for Indian Pharmaceutical workers?

Dispensing medication is not the only job of pharmacists, since over the years their role as evolved into something much more. Apart from ensuring the safety of their patients, pharmacists today are taking over the roles of medical counsellors, educators and advocates, who are focused on improving the healthcare facilities at a low rate, thus …

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