US L1 & EB1C

An Overview

L1A Visa

  L-1A: Intercompany transfer visa

  New Company in USA- Affiliate or subsidiary

  Senior manager or executive transfer

  EB-1C: Senior manager and key employee green card


Investor + Spouse


Unmarried children under 21 at the time of application

Program Requirement

  qualifying relationship between the foreign company and the US company

  ​Must have worked for the foreign employer for at least 1 continuous year during the preceding 3 years prior to filing the L1A visa petition.

  ​The visa beneficiary must have worked for the foreign company in a managerial or executive capacity.

L-1A: Intercompany Transfer of Manager or Executive



The US-Foreign Company structure: can be parent, subsidiary, affiliate, or branch


  Worked in foreign company for alteast 1 (one) out of past 3 (three) years
  Previously functioned in a managerial or executive role
  Will render services to the U.S. entity in managerial or executive role

The Visa

L-1A classification permits a total period of stay to seven (7) years.
Dependents of L-1A and L-1B holders are issued L-2 visas for the same period of duration as L-1A Spouses in L-2 status are permitted to apply for employment authorization.

Path to Green Card

EB-1C, EB-2, EB-3 and EB-5

* Managers supervise other professionals or managers or manage an essential function of the company.

* Executives direct a major component of the company, have broad discretionary authority, and receive only general supervision.

EB-1C: International Executives and Managers


The requirements for classification in this subcategory are very similar to those for L-1A


  Worked in same employer, subsidiary or affiliate for one year out of the previous three years; in an executive or managerial capacity.

  The foreign national must be coming to the United States on the basis of a permanent job offer to work in a management or executive capacity.

Key Advantage

  NO labor certification and the application process can be initiated directly with USCIS.

  DIRECT initiation of process with USCIS by the applicant.

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