Why Choose Nysa ?

  In-country presence in India, USA and China.
  Highly qualified & experienced team.
  Best in class partnerships.
  Complete package - investment advisory, immigration advisory, tax planning, relocation services.

Pankaj Joshi

Managing Director

'Nysa' (Greek word): a new beginning.
As the world becomes a smaller place, borders that bind us drastically inhibit the potential for personal growth and achievement. In today’s world of investment immigration, Nysa provides a platform that helps to transcend borders so as to create an opportunity whereby those with the means and abilities can flourish in the most suitable and cultural environment consistent with personal goals and aspirations.

Our goal at Nysa Global is to help our clients and their families make new beginnings by assisting them to become a part of and grow within the top economies of the world, expand their businesses, educate their children and help them expand their international footprint.

Our clients are already successful families in their home country, but seek increasing opportunities, better lifestyles, better quality of life… or sometimes simply just a new beginning. We help our clients navigate the complexities of global migration, international business investments, international education and employment and international & pre-immigration tax solutions.

For us, each family is also ‘our family’ and we have had the privilege of being their preferred first call for multiple facets of their business and family needs. We are honoured by the pleasure of becoming their friends.

We look forward to working with you and helping you find your new beginnings.

Our Journey


  Started as a Management & business advisory with syndicated tax and legal advisory to High-Net Worth Individuals & small-medium enterprises

  Entered Investment-Immigration with the EB-5 Program in USA Structured and successfully raised US$ 18 Million from 36 investors for our first project – a hotel & marina development in south west Michigan

  Formed a relationship with The Rocker Group of Atlanta, GA, USA – formed Nysa Capital LLC

  Nysa Global India and Nysa capital separated so as to better focus on each organisation's preferred markets and opportunities.

  Launched Nysa Global, an assimilation of our expertise, experience and network in investment-immigration to expand the portfolio of offerings to Canada, UK, Europe and Australia
  Collaborated with Primex Immigration, Hong Kong, a long time leader in investment immigration in China and Southeast Asia since the late 80’s, to augment the depth and width of experience and expertise in the subject and geographical coverage
  Introduced business investment and management opportunities in US as specialised practice area.

"Think Global - Act Local"

  • @ NysaGlobal
  • We have built very strong in-country ‘human capital’ in the US, India and China – the THREE global hotspots.
  • We have built a wide network of best-in-class service providers with deep global and local expertise.
  • We have built a powerful engine to secure, cultivate & mature investment opportunities and attract cross-border and domestic investment.


  • Nysa Global provides an ever-increasing platform for its clients to grow and excel in every aspect of life according to their individual goals and aspirations. In the modern world of globalization, those with exceptional means and abilities can best achieve their aspirations within a culture that cultivates, that nurtures, that motivates. Nysa Global takes the global view for the long term visioning an infrastructure of total connectivity between talent and the world’s resources.


  • To become the pre-eminent provider of immigration and investment solutions to discerning clientele desirous of broadening their individual/family footprint beyond borders to achieve financial success, educational enrichment, enhanced standard of living, and in general quality of life.


  • To provide the most user-friendly and efficient approach to investment immigration by providing readily available client solutions in real time, top of class service/service providers, and best practices approach. Nysa seeks to minimize risk at every level in terms of both investment and immigration thereby maximizing the probability of immigration approval and investment return.