Ireland & India: More similar than you would think!

Money Control | 2019-05-04

Ireland has a lot more to offer than just Guinness and a near-unmatched literary heritage. The island nation boasts of the world’s seventh-most powerful passport, one of the finest education systems in the world, a high standard of living, and a low corporate tax rate.

Surprisingly, the nation also has a lot in common with India, beyond just a shared colonial past. For instance, India boasts of the youngest population in the world, while Ireland is home to Europe’s youngest population. Similarly, Ireland is the fastest-growing economy in the Eurozone, while India holds the global title. All this is in addition to the shared cultural appreciation for the arts, cricket and, of course, chai and biscuits. Despite this, the country’s investment immigration potential has remained largely untapped, with fewer than 1000 visas issued annually since 2012.

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The Emerging Trend of Investment Immigrations

Forbes Magazine | 2019-03-29

Global Investment Immigration Summit (GIIS) 2019

Despite rising global protectionism and visa barriers, the HNI immigrat

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Decoding the fundamentals of investment immigration

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NYSA Represented India at EB-5 Advocacy Conference in....

News Voir | 02/05/2018

Keeping an eye on the potential that lies in India, the organizers of Investment Immigration United States of America (IIUSA) EB-5 Advoca

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NYSA to Raise USD 25 Million from India,....

Business Wire India | 15/07/2015

NYSA, an advisory & management consultancy group with offices in India, USA, China, Brazil & Singapore, facilitates immigration to the Unit

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Nysa Global brings investment opportunities in US with....

ANI NEWS | 30/01/2018

Global professional services firm, Nysa Global on Tuesday introduced an EB5 project "Read More

Nysa Global brings investment opportunities in US with....

Business Standard | 30/01/2018

Global professional services firm, Nysa Global on Tuesday introduced an EB5 project "Read More

EB-5 visa, the best route to America

Financial Chronicle | 28/05/2018

Live the American dream and move to the US, a cultural melting pot with a thriving economy, a wealth of opportunities, and one of the highest stand

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A New Lens

IIUSA | 15/08/2017

Raising EB-5 capital world- wide has proven to be an increasingly challenging endeavor. As the industry trade association, IIUSA is commi

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Seven Trends in EB-5 Investor Markets

IIUSA | 15/07/2016

IIUSA believes in the power of data analytics to inform and enhance the EB-5 marketplace. As such, we consistently seek a variety of EB-5

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EB-5: Attracting high net worth Indians who wish....

Economic Times | 13/04/2015

The US immigrant investor programme, or EB-5, which was created to stimulate the American economy through job creation and capital investment by fo

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Here’s why L-1 work permit may mean more....

Economic Times | 10/08/2015

Concerned over the restriction of the L-1 work permit and high rejection rate, many Indian IT companies are hoping for discussions at the governmen

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1,200 Indians queue up to shell out half-a-million....

Economic Times | 30/06/2016

About 1,200 Indians have queued up to shell out half-a-million US dollars each to migrate to the US through a government sponsored 'invest in t

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Indians Prefer the Investment Route to a Green....

Times of India | 28/11/2017

he EB-5 visa programme is a paid invitation to non-Americans to invest in the US and get a ‘green card’ for the investor and immediate

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Indians may see Jam on EB-5 Visa Route....

Times of India | 15/05/2018

The EB-5 visa route to the United States may not continue to offer a smooth ride to well-heeled Indians for long. Indian applicants are likely to b

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Emigrating for a bright future!

Times of India | 18/05/2018

For Nitesh and Seema Bhatia, it was a grueling task to finalise the country where they wanted to settle and then complete the formalities. Nitesh s

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US roadshows in india in april to attract....

Economic Times | 29/01/2019

The US government is looking to attract investment worth USD 65 million through a roadshow in April from Indian investors who are willing to become

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U.S will sell green cards to rich indian....

The Sunday Guardian | 15/02/2014

Fatcat Indians are being actively wooed by the United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) with the offer of Green Cards for the entire f

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Indians may see jam on EB-5 visa route....

Economic Times | 16/05/2018

NEW DELHI: The EB-5 visa route to the United States may not continue to offer a smooth ride to well-heeled Indians for long. In

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Global Investment Immigration Summit 2018

Economic Times | 20/07/2018

Designed to attract foreign investment and business, investment immigration is a win-win as the desired country gets the desired investment, job cr

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Economic Times | 01/02/2016

The US employment-based fifth preference category (EB5) immigrant visa, received on investing $1 million in a new business, has been extended late

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Use Money To Migrate

Financial Chronicle | 11/03/2015

About Rs 1.9 crore is all you need to buy a 700 sq. ft two-bedroom apartment with an attached terrace in Riga, Latvia. If you are thinking why Latv

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Business World | 22/04/2015

For most Indian parents, like any other non-U.S. citizens considering undergraduate collegiate programmes for their children in the United ...

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Business Standard | 31/01/2016

You have got money and want to shift abroad? There is some good news. Many countries are offering long-term visas for high-net-worth individuals (H

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