Countries and Programs


Nysa Global is only in business, can only succeed, if investors attain their immigration as well as their investment objectives. We don’t just help families invest – we help them settle. Our practice encompasses pre & post immigration services like business advisory & tax planning.

"The World is your Oyster"

The Immigration Investor is a prize, highly sought after by many nations, and by all rights needs to be highly discerning and discriminating towards the choice of immigration-investment. The world is literally your oyster, but to get to the succulent meat and most valuable pearl we must open the crusted, sea-sealed shell. The shell can be tough, even hazardous, to crack…in fact if done right one doesn’t need to crack it at all.

Permanent residency in a foreign country while often highly desirous and beneficial to one’s life goals, are literally life changing and not for everyone. It’s our first job to discover if immigration-investment is a viable option given an investor’s personal circumstance. Once this has been determined, we can move forward towards a decision as to which country and then which investment within that country best conforms to the immigration requirements, risk and return profile of the immigration investor, and best meets the investor’s needs.

Most importantly, not only is there a tremendous amount of work involved in the immigration process, there is likewise just as much or more sophistication in the due diligence process for an investment.