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Invest only $500,000 & Live Your American Dream

With the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) suspending the Regional Center Program, the ONLY way to settle in the United States is to invest in a Direct EB-5 investment project.
Nysa Global has created an opportunity for global investors to invest in EB-5 projects pre-approved by USCIS and get a guaranteed return of 18-20% IRR in addition to US Residency.
The Direct EB-5 visa program requires a minimum investment of $800,000. Are you willing to invest $800,000 to immigrate to the US?(Required)
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What is Direct EB-5?

Under the Direct EB-5 program, you can directly invest $500,000 (previously $900,000) in an established or newly created business of your own.

Regional V/s Direct EB-5 Program

Active and the only way to immigrate to the United States right nowCurrently suspended
Permanent program by USCISSubject to renewal every few years by USCIS
Investment amount is $500,000 (For a limited period, no definite timeline given)Investment amount is $900,000
Creation of 10 direct jobs requiredCreation of 10 jobs required (Direct & Indirect)
Applicant is an equity partnerApplicant is a debt partner
Smaller projects so lower riskComparatively bigger projects which increases risk
Returns are 15% or more per annumReturns are 0.25 – 0.50% per annum

Why has the Investment Amount for Direct EB-5 Reduced to $500,000 from $900,000?

On June 24th, 2021, when it was time for the Regional Center program to be renewed, there was a lawsuit filed that challenged the 2019 ‘Rule Change’, on the grounds that the official who implemented the regulation (raising the minimum investment requirement to $900,000) was improperly appointed and therefore the regulation was unauthorized.

Result of the lawsuit & its impact on investors:

The lawsuit decided in favour of the petitioner and as such the Rule Change of 2019 was set aside. The program as of now has reverted to its pre-2019 format where the investment amount is $500,000 for TEAs and 1 million for other areas.

What happens next?

As of now, legislation is being attempted which may succeed or the Regional Center program may be renewed by 30th September, 2021.

What does this mean for investors looking to settle in the US through an EB-5 visa?

Investors who are looking to settle in the US should take advantage of this opportunity available for a limited period and invest $500,000 in a Direct EB-5 project.

The investment amount may go back to $900,000 or maybe higher than $500,000 once the USCIS renders its final decision (On February 18 2022).

Get the Best of Both Worlds by Investing in Nysa’s EB-5 Project with a Guaranteed Return of 18-20% IRR.

We manage and run the business for you. All you have to do is invest $500,000 as an equity partner.

A typical Direct EB-5 route requires you as an applicant to submit your own business plan, invest, manage and run your own business.

But, Nysa Global brings to you an investment opportunity for Direct EB-5 which is pre-defined, fully structured and qualified:

  • Local US partner with local US debt already in place; just need an equity investor
  • EB-5 to be preferred equity with fixed coupon return PLUS profit share in project (earn IRR of 18 – 20% per annum)
  • All participants (contracts, operators, buyers etc) are already vetted and signed up

How We Work

We listen. We match. We make it happen.

For us, each family we work with is also ‘our family’ and we have had the privilege of being their preferred first call for multiple facets of their business and family needs.

& discovery

We meet with you for a one-on-one consultation to understand your immigration goals and profile.

Application &

Our experts explain Nysa's projects to you & begin the process.

& transition

We help you get equipped for your new life abroad and follow up on your immigration status.

Types of Project Models That We Offer

The EB-5 investor is positioned as preferred equity.


Land identified and approved by the buyer - the home builder company is pre-contracted to buy 100% of the lots developed at fixed prices and time intervals with the escalation clause built in, making this a very low risk model.

The EB-5 investor is positioned as preferred equity.


  • Sites and feasibility are done, US contraction loan is committed, the operator has a very strong track record and brand in the market
  • Earn annual income PLUS a share in the profit of the sale of the project

The EB-5 investor is positioned as preferred equity.


  • Earn annual income PLUS a share in the profit of the sale of the project
  • Site identified and HUD secured (low cost loans offered under the Federal government funding program)

Take the first step towards your American Dream by investing in Nysa’s fully structured, qualified and pre-defined project, today!

How we Have Helped Families Fulfill Their American Dream

Working in an American start-up without H1-B

A Gurgaon-based architect sponsored two investments for his sons who are now working in the US with startups. They would not have been able to fulfill their dreams without an EB-5 as pursuing work on an H1-B visa was not possible in their case.

Practicing medicine in Pennsylvania

A Mumbai-based banker’s daughter is now a practicing doctor in Pennsylvania – an opportunity that is not open to foreign students. She was able to pursue her Residency in a top medical college and practice medicine in the US because of her father’s EB-5 investment.


What Our Clients Say

Why Choose Nysa Global for Your Direct EB-5 Application?

First in India to introduce the EB-5 visa with verified business opportunities

300+ successful applications in 8 years

Absolute transparency throughout the application process

Partnerships & tie-ups with the best legal & accounting bodies in the US

Completely structured, managed & qualified business opportunity

Personalized assistance every step of the way (Filing and approval of I-526, I-829, etc.)

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