Nysa USA

  Make available to investors a portfolio of small business opportunities in the US, team Nysa leverages its experience of evaluating 100+ opportunities in 10+ industries in the US for EB5

  The genesis is from looking for opportunities for our EB5 investors as they transition to the US

  Make avaliable a portfolio and pipeline for opportunities that are cultivated and matured

The U.S. offers attractive business investment opportunities in real estate and franchises. Our strength lies in finding such opportunities and moulding them into investment units. We at Nysa have crafted an investment model where you can invest and either own & run the business or co-invest in businesses that are managed / operated by Nysa and/or another investor-partner.

Andrew Wall

Executive Director - US Investments

Nysa is working on an investment-immigration model that can help you secure Permanent Residency in the U.S. using the direct EB-5 investment route

Pankaj Joshi

Managing Director


Investment Theme

  Creative ownerships and co-investing structures

  Management control / seat


  Pure brick & mortar with real estate element (small hotels, student housing)

  Franchises in F&B and education



  Please contact us for on-ongoing / upcoming opportunities